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Angelina Petrova – All You Need To Know (Bio, Age, Instagram, Hot, etc)

For many years, Ukraine has enjoyed a global reputation when it comes to diverse ancestry and pretty faces like Angelina Petrova.

A walk along a public park in Ukraine is like entering a modeling competition, model after model, stunner after stunner.

Angelina Petrova

And Angelina Petrova is one of those Ukrainian models who has advanced their modeling profession from the competitive domestic setting to the international market.

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Who Is Angelina Petrova?


Angelina Petrova is a Ukrainian model who has been featured in a number of adult publications such as Playboy and FEMJOY.

Furthermore, she rose to fame in 2014 when her beauty and well-finessed figure made headlines across the social media platforms.

Also, Angelina studied Psychology at the Melitopol Institute of Public & Municipal Administration – Classic Private University. And she has also partnered with several clothing brands where she takes fashion modeling to another level.

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Angelina Petrova Age

Angelina Petrova Age

Petrova was born and raised in Zaporizhia, a large industrial city in Southwest Ukraine. As such, she enjoyed a suburb upbringing in the area where she schooled before proceeding to the modeling profession.

For Angelina Petrova age, she’s still young in the industry. Petrova’s birth date is October 3, 1990, and her birth sign is Libra.

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Is She Hot Right Now?

Angelina Petrova Hot

Whether Angelina Petrova is hot or not isn’t subject to controversy. Likewise, the piercing green eyes that blend well with her dark hair is enough to map Petrova on top of the beauty scale.

So if a tightly corseted waist, high cheekbones, and voluptuous curves define hot, then Petrova is glowing hot.

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Angelina Petrova Instagram

Angelina Petrova Instagram

Swipe up and down and you’ll discover the real definition of Ukrainian beauty. Angelina Petrova’s Instagram is nothing short of spectacular.

And from the sexually suggestive poses to the provocative body languages, this beauty embraces her body in all the possible dimensions.

Also, with years of fame and success in the industry, she has earned more than 126 thousand Instagram followers.

Below is her Instagram page, please be sure to follow her:

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In Conclusion

As a glamour model who is often booked for her curvy architecture and well-surfaced chest line, Angelina Petrova is perfect in what she does.

When she’s not posing for some sponsored street fashion designs, she’s somewhere paid to travel the world. And as one of the Ukrainian models who has made it to the international limelight; it’s undoubtedly clear that Ukraine is the European beauty factory which pumps out models at high rates.

Notably, it’s in Ukraine where you’ll find groups of colored-eyed brunettes swinging their fit petite bodies. As a matter of fact, long legs and exquisite looks from blonde to the dark-featured are those who inhabit this country in Eastern Europe.

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