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Anna Herrin – 8 Things (Bio, Instagram, etc.) To Know About This Model

Of all the models who enjoy wearing those gorgeous bikinis and basking on the beach, Anna Herrin has to come first.

She’s a lively swimsuit model, often seen smiling boldly to the camera. And she makes a living having fun on the sunshine while doing what she does best.

Anna Herrin

Apart from the fact that yoga is her favorite workout sport, she’s also a coffee addict and an active advocate for the holistic benefits of cannabis.

So below are the other facts about Anna Herrin.

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Who Is Anna Herrin?

Anna Herrin is an American model who has appeared on the covers of several magazines such as Surfing, Lefair Magazine, Vogue Italia, Wellness and Treats!

Also, she has worked with different clothing brands including Revolve, Spiritual Gangster and Official O-Mighty.

Furthermore, Anna is a hot yoga enthusiast and loves everything about tropical beaches. And she is managed by Elite Models in LA & Miami and the San Diego-based No Ties Management.

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Anna Herrin Age

Anna Herrin Age

Many people are often asking about Anna Herrin’s age so you’re not alone. Notably, Anna was born in Philadelphia but currently recedes in Miami and Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, she was born on the 7th day of March 1991.

Now you’ve got the fact, you can figure out her age.

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Anna Herrin Bio

Anna Herrin Bio

Before her modeling career, Anna wanted to study Education at the University but ended up in a Psychology and Religion class.

She attended the University of Miami and graduated with a double major. However, Anna is passionate about education and childhood development and has been considering getting a master’s degree in the field.

And for more information on Anna Herrin’s bio is about her family and career. She’s in a relationship with actor Drew Todd and has a younger sister and brother.

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Anna Herrin Instagram

Anna Herrin Instagram

If you’re in for an exclusive adventure from the sunny beaches of Southern California to the Pacific landscapes of Mexico; then Anna Herrin Instagram is the place to go.

In fact, here you’ll scroll through her gallery as she swims with sharks, hover above the ocean or rides the beach motorbikes.

Moreover, she’s a talented Instagram user with more than 200 thousand followers. So Herrin keeps her fans entertained with her alluring captions in an enviable array of sultry bikinis and badass novelty t-shirts.

So here’s her Instagram profile, be sure to follow:

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Anna Herrin Diet


Anna Herrin’s diet may not be a total match with your go-to foods but she isn’t on a strict dietary plan either.

She is a serious snacker who appreciates a bit of healthy snacking. And she occasionally enjoys cucumbers, carrots with hummus, watermelon, and grapes.

On the other snacking days, ice cream, sour gummies, and chips are her favorite. And as a dedicated beach girl, a spicy margarita with no sugar tops the list of cocktails.

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What’s Her Wiki?


Anna Herrin is definitely one of those models whose social life and personal life are somewhat intertwined.

So Anna Herrin’s wiki pages are all over the Internet. And she’s an Internet celebrity and most information about her is probably on the search engines.

But slide to her Insta and you’ll see all the family members posing for a summer photo.

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Is She on Facebook?

Anna Herrin Facebook

There are a number of Anna Herrin’s Facebook profiles but none seems to match this celebrity. So it’s only fair to conclude that she isn’t an active Facebooker.

And this can also be seen through her twitter activity. She’s not much into Twitter and Facebook is probably the other victim.

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Anna Herrin Birthday

Anna Herrin Birthday

Born and raised in Philly, Anna Herrin Birthday is 7 March 1991. Her birth sign is Pisces.

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In Conclusion


Anna Herrin is the ultimate Instagram girl who has it all in one complete package. Moreover, the majority of her modeling work is credited to the bikini companies and other swimwear industries.

Furthermore, she’s a well-traveled model who happens to be good at spotting great opportunities. And her favorite destination is anywhere posing a warm ocean and relaxing beaches. She loves Mexico, Bali, Thailand, and the Bahamas.

In a number of her Instagram posts, she can be seen enjoying either a rotisserie chicken or pizza in the middle of bikini shoots. Certainly, Herrin’s body is naturally streamlined with a finessed figure that supports any bikini fabric. And she has fewer troubles getting in shape thanks to the excellent genes.

One of her life goals is raising a beautiful family and having the means to travel with them across the world. Truly, Herrin’s dream vacation is a safari in South Africa or somewhere at the holistic beaches in the Philippines.

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