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Audrey Bradford – 10 Key Things About This Top Instagram Model

When it comes to modeling, Audrey Bradford is one of the household names in the modeling industry.

Her feminine figure, intricacy, and style stand out in a list of the many attributes that put her on the celebrity scale. Furthermore, Audrey’s notable online presence cannot be overstated, she has a huge following on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Audrey Bradford
Source: @dreysdiary

So let’s get to learn more about this gorgeous model adding a touch of grace and elegance to our social media platforms.

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Who Is Audrey Bradford

Who Is Audrey Bradford

Born and raised in the high desert neighborhoods of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Audrey Bradford initially worked as a shift supervisor in a take-and-bake Pizza Company, Papa Murphy’s.

After her modeling career took off, she relocated to Los Angeles, California where she has worked with many renowned brands such as Killer Swimwear, Aque Swimwear, and Unique Vintage Clothing.

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Audrey Bradford Age

Audrey Bradford is a young and pretty lass in her early twenties. Well, if you want the exact details of Audrey’s age, we’ve got your back. Her date of birth is June the 22nd of 1996 and at the time of this publication, she’s 23 years of age.

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Audrey Bradford Instagram

Audrey Bradford Instagram

Likewise, if you happen to be active on Instagram then you can confirm the massive following she commands. For one thing, Audrey Bradford’s Instagram account is nothing short of impeccable.

Notably, more than 330,000 followers are always ready to express their love and support to this New Mexican model. And a swipe on her Insta account and you’ll see an array of photos and striking videos taken at all the possible angles.

Here’s her Instagram profile – be sure to follow.

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Audrey Bradford Hot

Audrey Bradford Hot

While showcasing her well-toned body and slinky outfits is one of her favorite moves on social media; her beauty pleases the aesthetic senses of most visitors frequenting her photo and video galleries.

So if you were to ask, is Audrey Bradford hot? Then the answer would be simple and concise, Very…Hot!

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Audrey Bradford Tumblr

Audrey Bradford Tumblr

Equally, Audrey Bradford’s Tumblr account has some of the most engaging videos, photos, and stories. Uniquely, she creates a deep connection with her followers where she drives the passion to those who look up to her.

To explore Audrey’s stories, fashion ideas, videos, and photos; all you need to do is check her out on Tumblr.

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Audrey Bradford Snapchat

Audrey Bradford Snapchat

When it comes to Snapchat, from the day-to-day experiences to the rare views of exotic places, Audrey posts them all.

As evident, Snapchat fanatics often spend hours communicating with friends and exploring the social lives of others. And Audrey Bradford’s Snapchat account is one that will have you lurking around as you admire the alluring videos while browsing the engaging comments.

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Audrey Bradford Twitter

Audrey Bradford Twitter

With more than 13,000 followers, Audrey Bradford’s Twitter account may not be a hotspot of stimulating photos; but you’ll find controversial tweets to make your day.

Audrey Bradford Listal


Truly, Listal is one of the social networking sites where you get to know the true reflection of your favorite celebrity. And Audrey’s Listal account poses an awesome rating of 8.3 out of 10 after 20 ratings.

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Audrey Bradford Poshmark

Audrey Poshmark

Indeed, Poshmark is the social commerce marketplace for buying and selling new or second-hand clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

And with its headquarters in Redwood, California, Audrey has enjoyed growing popularity showcasing the site’s products and even selling her own stuff on the platform. Consequently, her account attracts traffic as fans storm in to sort the celebrity’s designer clothes.

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Audrey Bradford Net Worth

As a young and growing model who has partnered with a number of big brands, it makes more sense to estimate her net worth.

Hence due to her massive social media followers, her celebrity status and business opportunities keep growing so do her net worth. To put it another way, Audrey’s net worth is conservatively put at $1 Million.

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Audrey Bradford Wikipedia


As of this writing, Audrey’s Wikipedia page isn’t yet created. Information about her can, however, be found in various social media platforms and celebrity blogs.

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In Conclusion

In summary, considering her age, it’s undoubtedly clear that Audrey Bradford is destined to the great league of supermodels and celebrities. Furthermore, her performance has left many fans inspired by the spirited model who graces every occasion with a gentle and welcoming smile.

Not to mention her social media pages are always full of life and positive energy. She engages her fans through her morning routines, short Insta clips besides the entertaining and educative Youtube videos. Audrey’s Youtube channel has 47 thousand subscribers who consume creative content from makeup ideas to fashion sense.

Well done Audrey! We see you!

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