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Audreyana Michelle – Bio, Race, Tumblr, Instagram, Age, Nationality, etc

Surely you’re wondering who’s on the most wanted models’ list nowadays. The answer is Audreyana Michelle.

Audreyana Michelle
Source: @audreyanamichelle

Young brunette, with hazel eyes, curly hair and a mermaid body; Audreyana is the catwalk princess for labels such us Pac Sun, Tobi, LPA the label, and PRISM Boutique.

But the cherry on the cake is her history with Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. And of course, who can forget the frenzy created two years ago by her friendship with Justin Bieber.

Nevertheless, what makes Audreyana Michelle such an in-demand model and spotted women?

Let’s dive in and get to know more about her.

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Who Is Audreyana Michelle

Who Is Audreyana Michelle

Audreyana Michelle was born in Oklahoma City but now she commutes between Arizona and Los Angeles as a result of her career.

Notably, her career started almost a few years ago in the summer of 2016; when her mother Stephanie, who has Arizona Agency took her under her wings and launched her on the catwalk.

Now she has been represented by Next Miami, Premier London and Freedom Models Los Angeles.

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Audreyana Michelle Race

Audreyana Michelle Race

People often ask what’s Audreyana’s race. While this is understandable given her exotic look; let’s take a brief look at her roots.

Surprisingly once Audreyana hit the modeling scene, it didn’t take long and this brunette beauty was the talk of the town among the important modeling agencies.

There’s no doubt they were impressed by her gorgeous but at the same time unusual appearance.

For one thing, her roots are American, African American and Native American. And this mix makes her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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Audreyana Michelle Tumblr

Audreyana Michelle Tumblr

While we’ve seen no official Tumblr profile for Audreyana Michelle; however there exist several Tumblr posts in which she’s tagged.

So just gone over to Tumblr to see the hundreds (if not thousands) of curated posts with Audreyana.

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Audreyana Michelle Instagram

Audreyana Michelle Instagram

At 19 years old Audreyana stole the spotlights of runways across the word as well as eyes and hearts of almost 600000 fans who are following her on Instagram.

Inasmuch as her pictures are hypnotizing; when natural or with professional makeup, Audreyana creates an addiction for those who appreciate real beauty.

Here’s her Instagram profile. Be sure to follow.

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Audreyana Michelle Age

Audreyana Michelle Age

How old is Audreyana Michelle? Information available shows she was born on April 13, 1999.

Additionally, one thing is for sure with the speed this Aries princess is moving, we’ll definitely be hearing more about her in the nearest future.

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Audreyana Michelle Nationality

Audreyana Michelle Nationality

Audreyana was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma making her a United States of America citizen.

However, as we already mentioned above her ethnicity is a mixture of American, African American, and Native American.

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Audreyana Michelle Twitter

Audreyana Michelle Twitter

For the look of things, it seems Instagram is Audreyana’s social media platform of choice.

While there are several Twitter profiles bearing her name; however, it’s hard to discern which is authentic and actually run by Audreyana and her team.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to gather that information. So if you know for a fact the real and authentic Twitter profile for Audreyana, please share with us by commenting in the box below.

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Audreyana Michelle Listal

Audreyana Michelle Listal

Audreyana Michelle has an active but not-so-bubbling Listal profile where can be accessed here.

With an 8.9 rating out of 10, 29 lists, 3,306 pictures, 5 videos, and 20 fans, you can be rest assure that this nothing compare to the over 500 thousands followers she has on Instagram.

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Final Thoughts

Audreyana Michelle

Many are called but only a few are chosen and Audreyana Michelle is surely one of those chosen.

At her young age, any keen observer can see she’s on a blazing path. And we all should definitely keep an eye out for this young goddess as she prepares to take the world by storm.

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