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Casey Boonstra – 10 Important Things You Must Know This Model/Actress

Think you’re tough? Well, try starting acrobatics and gymnastics training when you are six years old just as Casey Boonstra!

As an upcoming model cum actress cum television presenter, Casey’s work ethics are second to none. And in this piece, we’re going to get to know her a little bit better.

Casey Boonstra

Ready? Let’s go!

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Who Is Casey Boonstra?

Who Is Casey Boonstra?

So what’s the deal with Casey Boonstra? She’s the Australian model who is also an actress and a television personality.

Notably, in 2016 she won MAXIM Australia’s “Swimwear Model of the Year” award and her career has since be propelled by that achievement.

As a result of her success at the Swimwear Model of the Year, she has been featured by MAXIM Australia on its coverage on three occasions.

Furthermore, Casey was a World Acrobat Gymnast at the YMCA for 10 years; and she won the 2012 edition of Miss Indy Australia as well as the 2013 edition of Miss V8 Supercars.

While growing up Casey lived the city of Cronulla Beach. Cronulla Beach is located in the New South Wales region of Australia. However, she later did move to Southern California (Los Angeles to be exact) when her modeling career started picking up.

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Casey Boonstra Bio

Casey Boonstra Bio

Casey was born into an all-girls family with her sister Abbey. And begin her athletics quite early when she was about six years old.

Notably, it was at that young age that her parents introduced her to gymnastics and acrobatics and she exhaled in them.

In fact, her training regime was quite rigorous and she usually trained for about 20 hours per week. And she did this until she reached 15 years of age.

While she was doing all this training, she also participated in numerous competition both at the State and National level.

As a result of her efforts, she proceeded to represent her country Australia at the World Age Games which took place in Portugal.

Later on, Casey had to call it quits with gymnastics and acrobatics so she can enjoy some of the privileges with being a teenager – which basically is worrying about nothing!

After she graduated from high school, she enrolled with the Ella Bache College of Skin and Beauty Therapy to study Skin Sciences and Beauty Therapy.

Once she was done with her program at the Ella Bache College, she went on to get a certification in Small Business Management.

Ok, Casey – you rock! You go, girl!

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Casey Boonstra Age & Birthday

Casey Boonstra Age & Birthday

Casey was born on the 29th of May in 1994 making her a Gemini. So now you know Casey Boonstra’s age, be sure to give her a shoutout via Instagram on her birthday.

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What’s Her Ethnicity?


Casey’s is Australian by nationality and nothing is known about her exact ethnicity. However, most likely as with most Australians she’s probably of the White / Caucasian race.

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Casey Boonstra Net Worth

Casey Boonstra Net Worth

Casey’s various engagements and projects definitely keep her busy. So what’s Casey Boonstra’s net worth? From available information, Casey is conservatively worth anywhere between $100,000 to $250,000.00.

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Casey Boonstra Height & Weight

Casey Boonstra Height & Weight

People across the social media spectrum often ask how tall is Casey Boonstra? As a matter of fact, Casey is 5 feet, 6 inches tall (i.e. 168 cm).

Also, she spots an olive skin color with curly hair type and weighs about 123 lbs (56kg).

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Measurements, Size Eye Color

Measurements, Size Eye Color

The measurement for Casey’s waist is at 26 inches (66 cm), that of her hips is at 33 inches (83 cm) and her chest is 33 inches (83 cm).

As for Casey’s eye color, she’s blessed with green eyes and with brown hair color. When it comes to her dress size, Casey’s is a US size 2 (UK size 6).

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Casey Boonstra Instagram Profile

Casey Boonstra Instagram Profile

Looking for how to access Casey Boonstra’s Instagram? Look no further, for your convenience we’ve embedded her Instagram profile below so you’re just one click away.

As you’ll see, her Instagram page is quite engaging with numerous contents on her activities as well as motivational quotes, health, and fitness tips.

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Dating & Relationship

Dating & Relationship

For one thing, Casey is not currently dating at the time of this publication.

But from the look of things, it appears she dated a gentleman by the name of Mitch Dean sometime in the past.

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Social Media, YouTube & Twitter

Social Media, YouTube & Twitter

Casey is on Twitter via her @caseyboonstraa handle but it doesn’t appear she’s actively engaged on the social media platform.

Also, she doesn’t appear to be on YouTube either. Although there are various videos of her on YouTube, it’s not clear if they are official from Casey herself or someone on her team.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the facts are clear for all to see – this young lady is going places. Her work ethics, focus, and drive have success written all over it. So keep an eye out for Casey Boonstra as she’s poised to be among those to dominate the future.

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