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Fiorella Zelaya Info – Bio, Age, Dating, Net Worth, Instagram, YouTube, etc

From the land of Inca gold and ceviche comes the newest Instagram sensation – Fiorella Zelaya.

This Instagram blogger comes in heavy with 1.5 million followers, who best know Fiorella for her no holds barred choices of apparel and mesmerizing curves.

Fiorella Zelaya

So let’s get to know her a little bit more and learn what’s she’s all about.

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Who is Fiorella Zelaya?

Who Is She

Fiorella Zelaya was born in Peru and grew up in Florida. And fashion and celebrity were her two big interests early on, which helped launch her glamorous modeling career.

Also, Fiorella likes to model cute dresses and lingerie, as well as cool shoes. And she also loves to travel, taking her Instagram audience with her to locations such as Paris and the Caribbean.

As a matter of fact, Fiorella said it best when describing who she is: “FL raised me, LA pays me.”

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Fiorella Zelaya Biography

Fiorella Zelaya Biography

In fact, one would think Fiorella comes straight out of a James Bond flick – so little is known about her family and personal life.

For somebody who communicates with millions of people daily, Fiorella manages to keep her work and personal life almost completely separate.

But we were able to catch a glimpse into some of her vitals. For one thing, she is a Taurus, married with children, and her height is 5 feet and 1 inch.

Also, she considers herself a Peruvian-American, having grown up in Florida. Nevertheless, she doesn’t talk about her parents or her family.

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Fiorella Zelaya Age

Fiorella Zelaya Age

So how old is Fiorella? Fiorella is a 1990s girl! Born in 1992, she was 15 years old when the first iPhone came out; and 18 years of age when Instagram was launched; and well underway into her modeling career we might add!

Moreover, who would have known that she will not only use both tools to make a very nice living but will also become a cultural phenomenon thanks to them!

Now you know her birthday, figure her age by doing the math.

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Fiorella Zelaya Instagram

Fiorella Zelaya Instagram

Certainly, Fiorella Zelaya’s Instagram is her main source of income. And she charges advertisers up to $5,000 for a single post curating their content aggressively as she commands her 1.5 million followers.

Her engagement levels are 1.69 percent – which is pretty high in this biz! So here’s her Instagram page, be sure to follow:

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Fiorella Zelaya YouTube


Lights, Camera, Fiorella! Fiorella Zelaya takes her YouTube presence very seriously. Her videos are always professionally made. And her slogan – Beauty. Makeup. Fashion. Lifestyle – is spot on for what her 691,000 viewers are looking for.

Fiorella’s videos deliver some crazy numbers – check out this Cupshe Swimsuit Haul with 17 million views!

Check out the latest from Fiorella’s YouTube channel.

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What’s Her Twitter


No growing social media empire is complete without a massive Twitter feed. And Fiorella Zelaya is no different.

In fact, her Twitter has 7,000 followers and here is where you can go deeper into her world, as she tackles issues outside of fashion and modeling.

And Yes, Fiorella does have opinions on U.S. politics, international affairs, iced coffee pricing, and kickboxing.

You can check it all out here.

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Dating and Relationship

Dating and Relationship

It’s important to realize that Fiorella is an intensely private person. And her family, romantic interests, parents and children are not part of her public persona.

Although she is married and does have children, Fiorella prefers to keep her family life and her work separate – for now.

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Fiorella Zelaya Net Worth

Fiorella Zelaya Net Worth

Fiorella Zelaya’s net worth hovers around $600,000. And most of this money comes from Instagram and YouTube ad sales that generate between $25k and $450k per revenue stream.

Also, don’t forget the fashion brands, the travel brands, the cosmetics brands and other wealthy advertisers who are happy to have Fiorella represent their brands and products.

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Final Thoughts

Fiorella “MisssPeru” Zelaya is already a huge Instagram sensation, and she is just getting started. So watch out for this curvy bombshell as she converts her fashion sense and adventurous life voyage into a big money modeling and media career in the years to come.

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