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Jessica Wilde – 10 Key Things You Need To Know About This Tattoo Model

Jessica Wilde is hard to define. First, she’s a model, a tattoo artist, and an occasional writer. Also, she’s unique, different and absolutely incredible in all that she does.

And her YouTube videos will definitely make you fall in love with the vibrant and lively disposition. Before she rose to fame, she was probably another crazy girl, outgoing and hilarious.

Jessica Wilde

So let’s get to know more about this sparkling beauty, but wait, maybe you want to know some of her weird facts. For example, Jessica Wilde believes in conspiracy theories such as the existence of aliens, etc. She’s also bold and funny but scared of butterflies.

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Jessica Wilde Bio

Jessica Wilde Bio

For one thing, Jessica is one of the models doing great in the industry. Likewise, her life is often straightforward and free of unnecessary controversies.

As a mother of one, Jessica Wilde’s bio is well decorated. She’s probably the type who wouldn’t keep everything private to herself.

Furthermore, Jessica got married at age 19 but divorced at age 21. Consequently, she started modeling in 2015 and her first appearance was on the INKED magazine cover.

Also, She has been featured in a number of tattoo magazines such as Tattoo Life, Tattoo Energy, Tattoo Society, etc. Notably, her daughter’s name is Izzy and she has a dog by the name Sophie.

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Jessica Wilde Age

Jessica Wilde Age

Based out of Canada, this model was born on 2nd September 1988. Her birth sign is Virgo. If you were dying to know Jessica Wilde Age, there you’ve it.

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Jessica Wilde Instagram

Jessica Wilde Instagram

After her name, photos and videos went viral, Jessica’s reputation didn’t stay with her. It spread across the social media platforms to earn her the well-deserved stature.

With more than 860 thousand followers, Jessica Wilde’s Instagram account enjoys a massive dominance on the platform that’s used by nearly 1 billion people. And it’s through the Insta page that she connects with fans and share her experiences about the modeling industry.

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Jessica Wilde Twitter

Her Twitter

Also, Jessica Wilde’s Twitter account is often engaging and lively. Unlike the other celebrity models who use the platform just to share their work updates and post controversial quotes, Jessica plays the game at a different level.

With more than 72 thousand twitter followers, she has taken the sole responsibility to model in this introverted platform where most people discuss politics and trending topics.

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Jessica Wilde Tumblr

Her  Tumblr

If you’re in to connect with the outer looks, the inner beauty, and spirituality of this model, Tumblr is the place to go.

Indeed, Jessica Wilde’s Tumblr is full of explosive content that will have you thinking- “Wow, this lady is a genius!” You’ll also get a chance to explore a number of her private tattoos.

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Jessica Wilde Reddit

Her Reddit

When Tumblr and Instagram can’t give you what you like about this lass, head your way to Jessica Wilde’s reddit pages and you’ll appreciate the high-traffic unclad visuals.

In fact, you’ll scroll up and down, left, right and center- and boom! There you go, she’s the entire package.

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Jessica Wilde Hot

Is She Hot?

If Oxford had the option, they would replace Hot with Jess, and the phrase, “You’re so Jess”, would be a common compliment.

So don’t ask again- is Jessica Wilde hot? Just, slide to her Instagram gallery and you’ll see for yourself.

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Jessica Wilde Wiki

Jessica Wilde Wiki

As there are many articles, web pages and online databases linked to Jessica’s profile, any information about her can easily be retrieved. To sort the best of Jessica Wilde’s wiki pages, browse to sites like

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What’s Her Net Worth?

Net Worth

According to publicly available sources, Jessica Wilde’s net worth is put around $100,000.00 to $250,000.00

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What’s Her Nationality?


Jessica is Canadian by birthday and is of the White / Caucasian race.

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Final Thoughts

All things considered, Jessica has more than five years of experience under her belt. And in addition to the runway work, she has graced the cover of various tattoo publications such as the INKED Magazine. Moreover, she has also written specialty articles on adult topics within the magazine and has since built a solid connection with her readers.

Furthermore, Jessica is one of those ladies who are hard to ignore. And her sultry snaps and seductive tattoos covering a portion of her body has earned her the nickname – TatGoddess. As a result, she has gained massive exposure through brands that are yearning to tap into her huge audience.

With natural blonde hair and inviting eyes, she’s highly practiced at seduction. And for years, Jessica has been a source of inspiration to the normal girls with a bit of weight looking forward to redefining their sexiness.

As a young lady who has worked hard to live her dream life, Jessica Wilde is the real definition of hard work and determination.

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