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Linda Durbesson – 12 Amazing Things To Know About This Fitness Model

As we all take a long look at the year, getting fit is one of the hottest topics of the season and so is Linda Durbesson.

What better than a personal trainer to get inspired from? Today we’ll talk about this fresh gem straight out of France: yes, it’s Linda Durbesson, a fitness coach with one of the most influential social profiles in the fitness industry.

Linda Durbesson

Intrigued yet? So let’s go more in-depth about this fitness model and Instagram celebrity.

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Who is Linda Durbesson?

Linda Durbesson is a French fit coach and fitness model who started to get recognized on social media thanks to her impressive bodybuilding workout videos.

And these videos are available on social platforms like Instagram and YouTube for female fitness motivation, and for her LDFIT Line Merchandise.

But that is not her only talent: Linda speaks five foreign languages! In fact, she took part in several fitness events overseas, too, which helped her become the idol she is now.

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Linda Durbesson Bio

Linda Durbesson’s Bio

Linda spent her childhood in the South of France and she already displayed a passion for sports. Furthermore, she started lifting weights in her early twenties; starting a bodybuilding journey that will turn her into one of the most appreciated icons in the field.

So you guessed right – Linda is more than a model and an inspirational personal trainer.

And after a difficult breakup with her boyfriend right after they chose to move together to Florida, she found the strength to overcome hard times in fitness. She pursued her goal to have a sculpted body; in the meantime, she achieved a Masters Degree in Personal Training.

Next, she created a website where she could share her merchandise and her workout tips and bits of advice, helping others to reach their fitness goals and growing a massive fan base on social media.

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Linda Durbesson Age & Birthday

Linda Durbesson’s Age & Birthday

So how old is Linda Durbesson? Well, back in 1979, a star was born. This may sound unbelievable but fitness has a way to keep your skin looking young and pretty through the years.

However, given that Linda was born way back in 1979 should serve as a motivating factor for anyone to get fit. And if it doesn’t, we don’t know what else will.

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Linda Durbesson Instagram

Linda Durbesson’s Instagram

Nevertheless, who doesn’t have Instagram nowadays? No worries, Linda Durbesson does not belong to that category, so you can find her at @lindadurbesson_ and be part of her one million fans.

Especially if you’re keen to have some motivating workout videos on your newsfeed every day. You can’t miss out! Here’s her Instagram profile below, be sure to follow.

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Linda Durbesson on Reddit

Also, if Instagram wasn’t enough, you can find a lot more content on Linda Durbesson on Reddit. There she shared engaging pictures, news and a lot more posts from fans who can’t wait to share new information about their idol!

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Is She Hot?

So you want to know if Linda Durbesson is hot? Well if you haven’t figured that out for yourself, the answer is yes, she is absolutely gorgeous!

And if you’re in doubt, hop on over to her Instagram to see more shots of your girl so you can fall deeper in love with her!

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What’s Her Facebook?


Also, Linda Durbesson’s official Facebook page has over 5 million fans following her. And she shares thoughts, posts, and videos on her page so you’re always up to date!

Linda Durbesson Workout Routine

Linda Durbesson’s Workout Routine

You might be surprised, but Linda Durbesson doesn’t have a specific workout routine. However, what she does is aim to workout six days a week, three times for the legs and three times for the upper body, to keep her glorious body in shape.

So discipline is the key!

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Linda Durbesson Net Worth

Linda Durbesson’s Net Worth

Then what’s Linda Durbesson’s net worth? In fact, her Net Worth is currently under review, so nobody really knows what’s her salary or her income.

But rest assured, considering she has her own fitness line and a platform of her own where she promotes her workout videos and fitness tips, it would be higher than most of us would ever reach.


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Linda Durbesson Weight


Linda Durbesson’s weighs around 150lbs (66kg); it’s funny to think that any BMI test would say she’s not in shape or even overweight knowing she’s 5’5″ (165cm) tall.

But as you may as well know, it’s actually all those beautiful, defined muscles!

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Is She on Wikipedia


What? Why hasn’t anyone made a page about Linda Durbesson on Wikipedia yet?! Oh, that’s right. Because everything you need to know about her is right on this page!

Read on to find out what Linda’s stats look like!

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Linda Durbesson Stats & Measurements

Linda Durbesson’s Stats

So what are her stats and measurements? Here are the stats we know so far about Linda Durbesson:

Weight: 150lbs (66kg)
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Bust: 41″
Hips: 34″
Waist: 27″

Jealous yet?

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Linda Durbesson is a French fitness enthusiast with an impressive body build, which is the outcome of several years of sacrifice and hard work.

And she is most active on social media, where she has been sharing her journey from the early stages and where she advertises her fitness line LDFIT.

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