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Michele Maturo – 9 Things (Bio, Age, Instagram, Nationality, etc) To Know!

If there’s a model whose beauty and spirited personality makes her irresistible to both genders, then it got to be Michele Maturo.

Michele is one of those celebrity figures who are too good to be true. And she isn’t just a pretty face, there’s so much in her that men desire and a lot that women look up to.

Michele Maturo

For example, from the modeling wasp-waist, winning personality, bubbly outlooks to the passionate demeanor; she’s got them all.

If you don’t know her yet, you must be wondering, who’s this charming princess? Well, if the gods are real, then this beauty is their masterpiece.

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Who Is Michele Maturo?

Who Is Michele Maturo

For one thing, Michele Maturo is an actress, singer and reputed model. Also, her passion for the big screens started way back in high school and she has since maintained her down-to-earth commitments.

Moreover, Michele sources inspiration from her photography, writing and modeling to drive, share and express her creativity. And apart from the modeling job, she has a subtle taste in fashion, love for traveling and passion for fitness.

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Michele Maturo Age

Michele Maturo Age

Born in the wider and lavish Los Angeles, California, Michele’s birth date is 14th June 1990. Her birth sign is Gemini. To get the exact Michele Maturo Age, you can do the easy math.

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Michele Maturo Instagram

Michele Maturo Instagram

In the modeling industry where fame is an unrivaled necessity, Instagram plays a critical role. And Michele is one of the models who is embracing the Insta culture to the fullest.

As a matter of fact, she has more than 490 thousand followers who are always there to shower her with love, inspirations, and positive energy.

Also, Michele Maturo’s Instagram page has been professionally sectioned to accommodate a number of her favorite occupations; from workouts, modeling to travels.

Here’s her Instagram page so you can follow her.

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Michele Maturo Workout

Michele Maturo Workout

As seen from a number of her social media posts, it’s undoubtedly clear that Michele Maturo’s workout routine is well-defined.

In fact, she prioritizes in fitness and has an ingenious workout schedule which she doesn’t mind sharing with her online fans.

Moreover, Michele isn’t only a creative artist but also a progressive thinker who has her own fitness label, Few Athletics – where she’s the CEO.

Notably, the label has a sound online presence with more than 93 thousand followers on Instagram.

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Wiki & Wikipedia

Michele Maturo Wiki

Michele’s wiki page is missing on the search engines but information about her is all over the Internet.

Also, there are several Michele Maturo wiki articles and web pages where you can find more about her infectious personality, fitness brand, travel articles, and workout tips.

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Michele Maturo Nationality

Michele Maturo Nationality

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Michele Maturo’s nationality isn’t something to ramble about. She’s an LA girl, pure American blood.

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Dating & Relationship

According to publicly available records, Michele Maturo’s dating days were out to the public from the years, 2014 to 2016. And during that period she dated American rapper T.Mills before the two parted ways.

Since then, Michele has finessed her dating and private life away from the online fraternity. As a result, it’s therefore hard to speculate if this female sweetheart is eying someone.

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Michele Maturo Model


Michele Maturo is an active model represented by the renowned LA Talent/LA Models agency. And she’s also a contributor to the fashion and lifestyle site Galore.

Indeed, Michele has worked with many models such as Jessie Andrews, Carmella Rose, and AnnMarie Morin.

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Michele Maturo Interview


When it comes to showing up in front of a camera, Michele is no amateur. With many years of modeling, she is probably used to a number of advanced camera ethics.

To catch up with some of the exclusive Michele Maturo’s interview videos, posts, and podcasts; search the internet and you won’t be disappointed.

As a matter of fact, one thing about this lady is how real she embraces her brand. She tackles every question with decency and precision. Her YouTube and Vimeo interview videos are impeccable.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, it’s only fair to conclude that Michele Maturo is the paragon of chic and grace. She’s beautiful the classical way with flowing dark bouncy hair, ivory skin and piercing coffee-colored eyes.

Furthermore, Michele is more than a celebrity, she’s an A-list model who inspires the genius in everyone who happens to be in her inner circle.

Truly, Michele has an eye for success; she runs her own blog, business, career, and social media pages. She has some entrepreneurial genes lacking in most celebrity models. And this alone gives her undivided attention in an industry where success is hard to come by.

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