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Nicole Borda – 8 Crucial Things (Bio, Age, Instagram, Height, etc) To Know

If there is a fitness model whose physique makes her irresistible to men and envy to women then it got to be Nicole Borda.

As a matter of fact, Nicole Borda is one of those fitness models whose physique is too good to be true. And her passion and commitment to fitness have rewarded her with her wasp-waist and picture-perfect body − you should see it for yourself.

Nicole Borda

But it is not just about her body, her lovely personality and gentle demeanor have won the hearts of many of her fans who never cease to shower her with love on her social pages.

Moreover, if you don’t know this incredible beauty, you must be eager to find out about her. Also, she is one of those outstanding women you are definitely not going to forget about any time soon.

So in this piece, let’s get you acquainted with Nicole.

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Who is Nicole Borda?

For one thing, Nicole Borda is a fitness model from Bogota, Colombia although she now lives in Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to modeling, she doubles up as a digital social media influencer.

Furthermore, she has been passionate about fitness and proper nutrition for many years, and that’s how she has managed to maintain her picturesque physique.

Also, Nicole Borda loves modeling and often posts stunning photos of her lifestyle for the enjoyment of her followers. And she also has an excellent sense of fashion something that her fans love about her.

So here are some facts about her:

Date of Birth: September 27, 1996
Nationality: Colombian
Profession: Fitness/Bikini/Instagram Model

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Nicole Borda Age & Birthday

Nicole Borda Age & Birthday

So how old is Nicole Borda? Born in Bogota, Colombia, Nicole’s birth date is September 27, 1996. Her birth sign is Libra. Now you know Nicole Borda’s age.

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Nicole Borda Instagram

Nicole Borda Instagram

Likewise, Nicole Borda’s Instagram is one of the best places to check her out. And she is one of the most famous fitness models on the platform.

In fact, she has more than one million loyal followers who are always there to follow her active lifestyle. And it is the best place to check out her modeling, workouts, travel and so much more.

Here’s her Instagram below – be sure to follow.

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Nicole Borda Wiki


However, you will not find Nicole Borda’s Wiki page when you search it on the search engines. But you can find all the information you need to know about her in many other places on the Internet.

Also, there are many Nicole Borda’s Wiki articles where you can learn more about her as well as numerous webpages where you can find about her fitness brand, fashion and workout tips.

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Nicole Borda Twitter


Certainly, this gorgeous beauty is on twitter. She joined Twitter in May 2013. For one thing, Nicole Borda’s Twitter is not as captivating as her Instagram as she has posted only once on the platform.

However, it is obvious that Twitter is not her favorite social platform. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a piece of this infectious beauty as you can always go to her Instagram and see what she has been up to.

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What’s Her Facebook Page

Nicole Borda Facebook

Nicole Borda’s Facebook isn’t as active as her fans would love it to be. And this Insta star simply loves Instagram above every other platform and its clear she has put her total focus to entertaining her many Instagram followers.

So if you love Facebook, you will love Instagram, so go on and see what this stunning beauty has posted lately on Insta.

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Is She on Reddit?


Likewise, Reddit is another great place to catch Nicole and see her best photo moments. And Nicole Borda’s Reddit is the place where her followers go to view and upvote her latest gorgeous photos and videos.

Now if you haven’t joined Reddit to follow her, then you are missing out. So go join to enjoy her fascinating content.

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Nicole Borda Height & Weight

Nicole Borda Height & Weight

You will most probably be wondering about Nicole Borda’s height and weight by now. So how tall is she? And how much does she weigh?

In fact, her bewitching body stands at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and her weight is 135 lb (61 kg).

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

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Final Thoughts

In summary, Nicole Borda is one of the gorgeous upcoming fitness models to look out for. Moreover, in less than three years she has managed to gather more than a million Instagram followers and still counting.

Likewise, with the excellent work ethic and focus that she has, it is not difficult to see why she will be one of the most influential fitness models and Instagram personality in the near future. As such, she is truly worth keeping your an eye on.

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