Hottest Girl In The World – Top 24 Sexiest on the Hottest List

As society changes, our views of the hottest girl in the world does too.

They no longer have to be the thin, blonde haired, blue eyed women that used to be pasted all over magazines and seen on movie screens.

Looks aren’t the only thing that make a woman sexy, their brains are pretty great too.

These women aren’t just considered the hottest girl in the world, they’re actual human beings trying to make a difference in the world.

That makes them pretty bad ass to us here at

Hottest Girl In The World

Margot Robbie

Being one of the most badass up-and-coming film stars is not the only one thing Margot Robbie has going for her.

This star backs women empowerment by taking on strong and sexy female roles that need no help from men. She is the intelligent girl-next-door type who you want to befriend, but never mess with.

This naturally beautiful woman is all the rage, but remains down to earth in her daily life.

Hottest Girl In The World

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t mess around.

She’s a hardwired feminist who believes women are smart and sexy, and should be taken just as seriously as their male counterparts.

She likes to channel her inner Kim Kardashian when she needs an extra boost of badass, and she knows how to pull that off too.

Hottest Girl In The World

Bella Hadid

Although her young sister is paving the catwalk, Bella holds her own by portraying the darker, more severe persona of the two.

Everything she does is a little off beat, sometimes unexpected, but always turns heads.

With Bella, you never know what you’re going to see next.

Hottest Girl In The World

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is a well-rounded woman. Her looks spell her out to be soft and sweet, but her history would tell you otherwise.

This woman can kick ass, both in real life and movies.

She’s a seasoned soldier and crowned beauty all wrapped up into one.

Hottest Girl In The World

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is the youngest entrepreneur of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

She built a cosmetics company from the ground up with the help of her own enhanced lips.

She knows how to work a camera, and has had plenty of time in the spotlight to know what people are looking for.

This girl is a hard-working mother who knows how to flaunt what she’s got.

Hottest Girl In The World

Nicole Scherzinger

The Pussycat Dolls front woman is nobody’s doll.

She struts her stuff wherever she goes, even after being dropped from the X Factor judging panel.

She won’t let that get her down though as she flaunts her way around Italy.

Hottest Girl In The World

Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper may already have his bet on this Russian Roulette, but Irina is worth every penny.

While her Sports Illustrated days may be behind her, Irina still rocks the red carpets as a classic beauty.

Hottest Girl In The World

Beyonce Knowles

Who hasn’t heard of Queen Bey?

Beyonce knows just how to work her magic. Between having three kids and dancing up a storm on stage every tour, this woman is all business.

She has started a clothing line and has her own fragrance. Through it all she instills a fierceness for life.

Hottest Girl In The World

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is an open book. Squeezing a baby out of this tight bod is no easy feat, and Chrissy had no problem sharing that fact with the world.

Still, her honest intelligence makes her a sexy superstar in my books.

Hottest Girl In The World

Jourdan Dunn

Model Jourdan Dunn may catch some flack from her own son about the way she portrays herself on camera, but we can’t complain!

This mother knows how to prioritize her life, and still be sexy doing it.

Hottest Girl In The World

Freida Pinto

Freida is nothing short of an independent woman.

She knows what she wants and doesn’t need anyone’s permission to get it.

She’s for equality, she’s for minorities, she’s for the truth. Her confidence is striking.

Hottest Girl In The World

Kendall Jenner

Kendall knows how to work the spotlight, and she doesn’t care who is watching.

Her long, yet curvaceous figure is on everyone’s radar when she walks into a room.

She’s stylish in her own way, and has the body to back it.

Hottest Girl In The World

Gigi Hadid

As Bella’s younger sister, you’d think she would have to work hard to get out from her sister’s shadow, but Gigi blazed her own path to stardom.

Her thick and striking features give her the appearance of an evil queen you can’t help but admire.

Hottest Girl In The World

Michelle Keegan

Michelle is a bright, English girl who found her success on the new show Our Girl.

She may go out on a limb and make her way to America full time. We would welcome her Stateside any day.

Hottest Girl In The World
Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock


Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna, has been on this planet for three decades now, but she still sizzles fresh-faced and ready to play.

Even though she’s experienced in the dark side of life, she’s absolutely a girl who just wants to have fun.

Hottest Girl In The World
Credit: Photo by Alberto Terenghi/IPA/REX/Shutterstock

Kim Kardashian

Kim has had her moments in the spotlight that have made everyone cringe, but you can’t deny that she’s a beautiful, intelligent woman.

She’s not afraid to show you all sides of her, even the less flattering ones.

Hottest Girl In The World

Blake Lively

Blake is a classic American girl. It’s no wonder our favorite gentleman, Ryan Reynolds, fell so hard for her.

It’s Blake’s turn to shine with her upcoming film, ‘A Simple Favor’.

Hottest Girl In The World

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine is patient and kind, and completely shined in the Victoria Secret Fantasy bra back in 2016.

A couple years later and still looks glamorous.

Hottest Girl In The World

Kerry Washington

This woman still has the looks and spirit of someone in their twenties.

At forty-one, Kerry is still scandalous.

Hottest Girl In The World

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo was living her own pageant model dreams when things took an exciting turn.

She’s blooming into a stunning actress with a bright future.

Hottest Girl In The World

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has been making a name for herself not only among films like ‘Quanitco’, but on social media too.

Better get in on the buzz before Nick Jonas does!

Hottest Girl In The World

Ashley Graham

Ashley represents the true American woman. This fierce and sexy woman fights for every woman, curves and all!

Hottest Girl In The World

Emilia Clarke

She took the world by storm as the Queen of Dragons, literally the hottest girl in the world.

Emilia is setting her sights on hopping into another universe with her appearance in ‘Solo’.

This woman is certainly ambitious.

Hottest Girl In The World

Adriana Lima

We’ve all seen Adriana Lima’s long legs on catwalks around the globe, but modeling isn’t her only skill.

Ocean’s 8’ is about to change the way we see this Angel.

Hottest Girl In The World

Let’s Wrap Up the Hottest Girl In The World List

These women come from all over the world and have committed their lives to fashion, acting, and being on most men’s celebrity crush list.

There are many others who qualify as the hottest girl in the world, but we figured it’s best to show them off 24 at a time so as not to overload your senses.

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