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Yuliett Torres – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Measurements, Workout Plan, etc.

When it comes to gorgeous models with beauty and body works, Yuliett Torres (a.k.a @yuliett.torres) is most definitely at the top of the list.

Yuliett Torres

Certainly, she is one of those beautiful Instagram models whose beauty and physique have made headlines all across the social media platforms. And she’s an attractive goddess with a rare blend of an hourglass figure, pretty face, and well-equipped natural assets.

So let’s get to know Yuliett Torres a little better; below are the other facts about this Mexican model.

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Who is Yuliett Torres?

Yuliett Torres is an Instagram model, fitness enthusiast and an untamed grown-up entertainer living an audacious life while enjoying the fruits of her diverse profession.

Notably, she rose to fame through social media platforms and has earned a massive following on Instagram and Twitter.

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Yuliett Torres Bio

Yuliett Torres Bio

Although very little is known about Yuliett’s early life, she’s currently an active Instagram Model with a base audience in Mexico, U.S, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru.

Due to her beauty and perfect figure, she has been nicknamed the “Mexican Kardashian”. Yet, Yuliett Torres’s bio is a bit shallow and all that’s known is her hometown.

As a matter of fact, she’s formerly from Jalisco, a West Mexican state bordering the Pacific Ocean. And apart from modeling on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll find her content in most grown-up websites where she contributes to the delights.

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Yuliett Torres Age

According to Yuliett Torres’ twitter account, she was born on 28th February. And she is a Mexican native in her late 20s. Other birth details aren’t currently available.

Birth Date: 28th February
Nationality: Mexican

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Yuliett Torres Net Worth

Net Worth

Truly Yuliett is a busy young lady with all her online and offline engagements. However, it’s not certain what Yuliett Torres’ net worth is at this time.

But sources and speculators have put her net worth with the range of $100,000.00 to $250,000.00.

Net Worth: $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 USD

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Yuliett Torres Measurements

Yuliett Torres Measurements

Also, Yuliett Torres’ measurements aren’t available on any of her official social media platforms. And Torres is more into Instagram modeling, fitness and adult entertainment where measurements aren’t very crucial.

However, she has a perfect height and attractive physique.

Height: 5′ 6′ (Estimate)
Weight: 120 lbs (Estimate)

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Yuliett Torres Workout Plan

Yuliett Torres Workout Plan

According to her Instagram workout clips, she’s a fitness enthusiast who has earned a tightly corseted waist. Furthermore, her favorite workouts include pistol and jumping squats, back cross lounges, sumo squats among other cardio exercises.

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Yuliett Torres Diet Plan

Yuliett Torres Diet Plan

Nevertheless, there’s no exact information available about Yuliett Torres’ diet plan. However, she’s passionate about fitness and keeping her spectacular body in shape.

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Yuliett Torres Instagram


This is one of the platforms that Yuliett engages her fans through short video clips and photos. And some of the most stimulating photos are published here and her loyal fans are always ready to view and praise their sassy diva.

Accordingly, Yuliett Torres’ Instagram account has more than 3.3 million followers who shower her with love and adoration. Likewise, her photos typically attract more than 50 thousand likes in less than an hour.

Besides the sultry photos and videos, she occasionally posts her short workout routines to keep her fans focused on their fitness goals. For your convenience, below is her Instagram profile so be sure to follow.

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Is She on Twitter

Is She on Twitter

Of all the social media platforms, Yuliett Torres’ Twitter account is full of those awesome videos, fantastic photos, and graphically quenching content.

Moreover, it’s on this account that she overtly display the few things she conceals on other platforms. And here, you’ll find links to her online TV and other grown-up-related sites.

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Is She on Reddit

Is She on Reddit

Now, for some of the stimulating content showcasing the awesomeness of this gorgeous Mexican beauty, Yuliett Torres’s reddit account is the place to visit.

Truly, the videos in this platform are super and can be consumed comfortably by choice.

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Yuliett Torres Snapchat

Yuliett Torres Snapchat

Yuliet Toress occasionally shares the Snapchat clips with her Instagram fans. However, her Snapchat is private and preserved for close friends in her inner circle.

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Is She Hot


It’s without any doubt that this Mexican model is a bulk of beauty. And she’s the epitome of refined quality where feminine assets are crucial for physical attractiveness.

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Yuliett Torres TV

Yuliett Torres TV

In addition, Yuliett Torres TV is an online channel where she shares her super awesome content to targeted fans and subscribers. Also, she has a twitter account for her online TV with more than 94 thousand followers. So here, you’ll find all the grown-up content, videos, and photos taken at geometry defying angles.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, armed with a wonderful physique Yuliett is the definition of modern beauty. And she has got all that every sober guy dreams of. Likewise, her famous face was definitely designed to complement the killer smile.

Furthermore, her photo taking skills and alluring angular poses are enough to make any guy fall in love. While Torres plays hard to get with her internet lovers, she keeps them in the loop of followers who are ever praising her irresistible charm.

And she never disappoints her fans; if she’s not in a wonderful bikini, she’s pulling a stunner in those awesome leggings or the fitted yoga pants.

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