How to Text a Girl – The Ultimate Guide (That Will Separate You From The Pack)

The most important part of learning how to text a girl is understanding that a lot more goes into texting than shooting off a random abbreviated text when the idea hits you. Women respond best when texting follows a specific formula. It takes time to master the art, but here are a few tips to help you stay on her mind and in her inbox.

How to Text a Girl

How to Text a Girl

Plan Your Text For the right Time of Day.

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated texting tips is to text at night. Begin by texting in the later portion of the evening. Choose a time when you think she will be winding down from her day. Text her something that is open ended and could continue as a conversation until bedtime.

Hopefully, she will slip into bed and your text messages will be the last things she sees as she slips off to sleep. There is a very romantic and sexy vibe to this move and it works in your favor without her even knowing it.

Studies have shown that even though human beings are unencumbered by biological tethers to mate in particular times or places, we still prefer to mate at night and even more so on the weekends.

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How to Text a Girl You Like

Always be Authentic. Express the Real You.

When you are just palling around, it doesn’t seem so important, but when the girl you are about to text has you feeling a little giddy inside, suddenly you don’t know how to text a girl.

You can’t think of a thing to say. Everything sounds stupid or contrived. The most vital thing to remember here is to be real. Do not try to say something that doesn’t fit your personality or how you really feel.

How to Text a Girl for the First Time

Start Out Casual and Light.

The first text should be casual and light. Nothing important or nothing she needs to think too much about. Make it a nonchalant message intended to just let her know you were thinking about her.

It is important to start out slow when learning how to text a girl you like so you are able to discern her likes and dislikes and the way she communicates.

Another important lesson in how to text a girl for the first time is to keep the messages short. Long messages are intrusive and can be confusing with emoji and abbreviation use.

The best and most successful route when you text a girl for the first time is to keep it short and to the point.

Just a short missive to let her know you thought of her. Maybe something reminded you of something she said or the smell of her hair. Drop her a quick text to let her know she crossed your mind.

How to Text a Girl You Just Met

Keep Messages Short and Simple.

Texting a girl you have known for a while is hard enough, but texting a girl you just met can be stressful. It is hard to know exactly what to say when you’re learning how to text a girl you just met.

You don’t want to be too flirty, but not to stand-offish either. Keeping it short and simple is your best bet according to research. There are many instances where short messages work best, and texting is definitely one of them.

Keep it simple. Remind her of something funny from the time you met or let her know you’re still thinking of her with a quick hello.

Leave the conversation open. This is even a great place to use emojis. A smiley face, a wink, or even a heart can say a million things.

When to Text a Girl After Getting her Number

Don’t Jump the Gun.

Knowing when to text a girl after getting her number is tricky. A lot depends on the circumstances of getting the number. Perhaps she has had too much to drink and you are worried about her getting home.

In that case, you’d want to send a quick text, making sure she got home alright. Otherwise, you may want to wait. Give it a day or maybe two. It all depends on the feel you got when you got her number.

Did she seem into you? Was she excited to give you her number? Or was she cooler and more aloof, but interested in a reserved sort of way? Once you decide to send her a text make sure to remember to keep it short and friendly without being overly flirty.

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How to Text a Girl You Don’t Know

Polite Honesty is the Rule in Learning How to Text a Girl You Don’t Know.

If you don’t know a woman, but run upon the good fortune of getting her phone number, you will need to approach this situation with caution. You’re unsure how to text a girl you don’t know, but want to make a good impression.

You don’t know how she will respond. Not knowing her personality will be a big disadvantage. Approach her with respect and honesty. Tell her you find her fascinating and just wanted her to know. Leave the door wide open in case she wants to respond.

How to text a girl you don’t know is all about the approach. Remember, first impressions go a long way. You want to make a good one.

According to Huffington Post, women hate cheesy pick-up lines and much prefer real, honest, authentic conversation starters.

They don’t even have to be witty or clever to garner appeal over the routine one-liners. Just a simple hello is preferred over the standard opening lines women hear a multitude of times each day.

This obviously tells us we need to give opening lines a bit more thought than we previously assumed necessary.

When to Text a Girl After First Date

Use Your Judgement to Decide When and How to Text a girl After a First Date.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding post first date communication. What to say, who should text first, and, when to text are always top on the mind of first-daters.

According to creators of the matchmaking service The Bevy, Nikki Lewis and Greta Tufvesson, the person who did not pay for the date should send a thank you text the next day.

If you paid for the date, wait a day or so to see if she will text before shooting off a little hello. When to text a girl after first date is more a matter of timing than anything else. Don’t rush it, but don’t let the heat fade away either.

How to Text a Girl You Haven’t Talked to in a While

A Sense of Humor Paves the Way When Discerning How to Text a Girl You Haven’t Talked to in a While.

When you are contemplating how to text a girl you haven’t talked to in a while, consider using humor. Keep the text messages light and fun. Poke a little fun at yourself for not being able to get her off your mind.

Don’t get too flirty. Just remind her how special she is and what a fun part of your life she will always be. Tongue-in-cheek humor goes a lot further in making her smile than self-depreciating humor.

How to Text a Girl You Like and Keep the Conversation Going

When discerning how to text a girl you like and keep the conversation going, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Most importantly, you want to ask leading, open questions.

Make statements that beg for a reply by eliciting emotions. Make her smile. Give her a warm feeling in her tummy. Maybe even make her blush.

How to text a girl isn’t just about the message itself, but also about courtship, teasing and the excitement of a new relationship.

How to Text a Girl You Like Her

Be Subtle but Unmistakable.

You know when the time is right. You get that feeling when you know the vibe between you two is heating up. When it comes, you know it is time to let her know how you feel.

It isn’t easy to know how to text a girl you like her, but when the time comes it will feel natural. One you decide to tell her, take some time to come up with a short and subtle message to express your feelings.

It should be understated and not overtly flirty but honest about your affection.

In conclusion, learning to text a girl is not as hard as it seems. It is actually quite simple and rests mainly on authentic emotion and building a connection.

Use common sense and good judgement along with the knowledge you have of her when you word your messages. Before you realize it, you won’t only know how to text, you’ll be an old pro.

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