How to Netflix and Chill Like A Pro – The Ultimate Guide

While the coining of the specific notion behind how to Netflix and chill is relatively new, hanging out while watching movies and cuddling with a potential partner has been around for a long time.

How To Netflix and Chill

In the old days, our parents and grandparents would go to the drive-in movie theater or snuggle up under the stars after getting an ice cream cone.

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, it is now easier than ever to plan a low-key, in-home date night.

With a few clicks of a button, a cozy blanket and some snacks, it is easy to implement a Netflix and chill night.

While the concept itself is simple, the expectations defining how to Netflix and chill are rather complex.

Every person’s interpretation of what is expected is vastly different.

To Cuddle, Or Not To Cuddle: That Is The Question

If you and your date have established a clear connection, have known each other for a while; have undeniable chemistry or have already been on a few dates; it may be safe to assume that your Netflix and chill night may begin with a hot new movie and end with a romp between the sheets.

However, if those lines have not been previously established or the context currently defined; you may be better off mentally preparing to actually chill out on the sofa watching reruns of Friends with your date.

How To Netflix and Chill

Here are the few steps for a successful Netflix and chill date:

1. Invest In Actual Netflix

An often overlooked component of how to Netflix and chill is to actually invest in the streaming service.

You would be surprised how many people overlook paying for and signing up for the service; prior to the Netflix and chill date.

While Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services have their place; Netflix and chill cannot naturally happen without its namesake.

Many people use Netflix and chill as an actual opportunity to catch up on or binge watch a few of their favorite shows or episodes before turning up the heat and hitting the sheets.

2. Prepare Your Pad

If you are looking to get lucky, take an hour or so and freshen up your pad.

Fluff the pillows, place a tray of snacks near your bed or couch; and fold a couple of cozy throws and toss them on the back of your sofa.

If you are of legal drinking age and your date likes to imbibe; make sure your refrigerator is stocked with beer or the preferred alcohol of choice.

This will enhance the evening and allow you to relax much faster; lowered inhibitions are an integral part of Netflix and chill in many cases.

3. Pick A Movie Over A TV Show

Netflix watchlists vary greatly from person to person.

You may love House Of Cards, but your date may be very anti-Kevin-Spacey at the moment.

Subsequently, you may both be very much into a particular Netflix original series; but you are each at very different points in terms of your viewing progression.

Picking up where you left off in Orange Is The New Black is just bad taste and poor judgment.

Instead of chilling, your date is going to want to have so many of their questions answered.

He or she will not be chill in any capacity.

It is better to pick a movie from an agreed-upon genre than watch a television show.

Most movies are also the perfect length to fit into the defined time parameters of what constitutes an acceptable Netflix and chill session.

Ideally, you will want to select a romantic comedy or a movie with a clearly-defined sex scene.

You should aim to do a bit of preliminary research prior to your date’s arrival.

You will seem knowledgeable and decisive when presenting options to your date; and he or she will be impressed that you are leaving the final choice up to their fate.

Subconsciously, you already pre-screened these flicks; and you are hoping that the sex scene in each respective movie affords you the opportunity to get lucky.

The Netflix And Chill Date: The Moment Of Truth

Once your date arrives and you have tossed back a couple of cocktails; had a few laughs and filled your bellies with a variety of light snacks and fare; the Netflix and chill portion of the date can officially commence.

Whether you will be hosting this event on your sofa or in your bed is entirely up to you, your comfort level and the progression of the evening with your date.

Once the movie has been chosen; you can get cozy under a throw from the sofa or snuggle under the comforter in your bed.

The amount of touching and the distance between the two of you; is the most prominent indicator of whether you will be finishing the movie fully aware of its plot and conclusion.

Or if you will be completely sweaty, disheveled, parched and unaware of your surroundings; long after the credits have finished rolling.

There are a lot of expectations and red tape to cut through when it comes to how to Netflix and chill.

Ideally, you will want to have a detailed conversation with your date about the expectations for the date and beyond the evening.

With clear and definitive lines drawn; you will fully understand what you and your date can expect and how it should progress as the event unfolds.

Even if the lines and expectations are clearly defined, it can still be stressful and uncomfortable to know when to take advantage of the perfect moment and progress to the next phase of the evening.


You may be asking yourself who should make the first move and how long after the movie is turned on should you allow yourself to become turned on.

It is ironic that chill is a part of this phenomenon; it is almost impossible to chill and relax when caught up in the abyss of this event.

The best thing you can do to help yourself relax is to understand that Netflix and chill is just a natural part of modern-day dating.

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