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Taron Egerton Workout – Get Ripped Fast Without Killing Yourself

It’s not about dropping a pants size. You want the woman you’re with to gasp when you take off your shirt right? You want all eyes on you during your beach vacation. Movie stars train as part of their job, dropping pounds and adding sexy in mere weeks. While it’s not realistic to make a celebrity’s movie workout a lifestyle choice, it could certainly help you kick-start your summer with a fantastic body. And what better role model than the Taron Egerton workout.

Taron Egerton Workout

Let’s take a look at how the Taron Egerton workout gets him in prime shape for a role and some ways you can incorporate his methods into your pursuit of perfection.

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Taron Egerton Workout

To get in shape for some of his roles, Taron had to cut back on a lot and dedicate himself to sculpting. The Taron Egerton Kingsman workout meant early morning workouts, followed by a strict diet and water intake.

This isn’t a lifestyle choice. Do it for more than a few weeks, and you might drive yourself crazy. However, as inspiration or a short boost to a workout, it could help you see results.

Taron Egerton Workout Diet

It’s vital that what you put into your body complement what you’re doing in the gym. Even a slice of pizza can be a disaster. Prepare yourself mentally and go all in.

First, cut sugar and salt intake by half. Much of the food we eat is loaded with unnecessary sugar anyway. Your alcohol (particularly beer) should be zero. There’s no wiggle room here.

Cutting caffeine is key to getting in a good workout, but we understand that might make something unsustainable. If you need coffee, cut out the cream and sugar. Stick with a single cup of black coffee to help get you going in the morning and then leave the coffee alone.

There’s no need to eliminate sections of the food pyramid. You need carbs and good fats to maintain energy levels but focus on protein above all.

Intermittent fasting is also an excellent way to help trigger your body’s fat burning response without switching on starvation mode or extreme, long-term calorie cutting.

Taron Egerton Workout Routine

The Taron Egerton workout was all about building strength and endurance. Flexibility training is vital because torn muscles reduce the quality of your workout and might bench you for good.

Taron’s movies are stunt-heavy, so his trainers focused on building a structurally sound body that could handle a lot of different movements.

Lifting is an integral part of sculpting your body, but variety helps create a well-rounded physique.

Taron worked on flexibility and stamina to prepare for his stunts, and you can translate this into real life by viewing flexibility and endurance as training for remaining resilient in your everyday life.

One central for the Taron Egerton kingsman workout is a variation of one of the oldest exercises in the book, chin-ups. Taron’s trainer, Dalton Wong (author of The Feelgood Plan), used variations of chin-ups to help build stamina and sculpt his upper body.

He also worked on legs regularly (don’t skip leg day, guys), and while lifting might make you feel like you’re really working, not everything is about lifting.

Taron Egerton Workout Routine

Taron Egerton Workout Routine Breakdown

You’ve got all the theory. Let’s take a look at the application. The following Taron Egerton workout suggestions take place at a three to five-day volume.

Day 1: Conditioning and Circuit

Warm up: Stretch, light jog for five to ten minutes

Workout: Bench press, dips, and front squats. Go for three sets of ten each with as little rest time in between as possible (without pushing too hard).

Circuit: Three rounds each at three minutes – Heavy bag boxing, Core work, Cardio (bike or treadmill)

Day 2: Targeted Activity

Suggestions: MMA, Pilates, Gymnastics, or other another circuit day if you don’t have access to any of these types of classes.

These activities build overall strength and quality of movement. Be sure to warm up properly with stretching and ultralight cardio beforehand.

Day 3: Conditioning and Circuit

Back to the gym. Repeat Day 1’s suggestions but add different types of circuit and conditioning exercises for variety.

Suggestions: Military press, pull-ups, back squats three rounds of ten followed by circuit

Day 4: Targeted Activity

Repeat suggestions from Day 2. If you can add variety, this is a great time to do it.

Day 5: Conditioning and Circuit

Repeat Days 1 and 3’s suggestions but add in workouts you haven’t covered yet.

Suggestions: Leg presses, deadlifts, thrusters three rounds of ten followed by circuit

Off Days:

Rest if your body needs to rest. If you want to add in some activity, light cardio or gentle stretching such as restorative yoga will help the body heal and maintain flexibility.

Taron Egerton Workout Diet Plan Breakdown

Calculate the calories you’ll need for your target weight and muscle size before you make any changes. If your body is starving, it will hold on to fat more stubbornly and begin to shed muscle.

Once you know, begin to add in larger amounts of clean protein. Baked lean chicken and fish are excellent sources.

Cut back on processed foods and sugars. Your body needs complex carbohydrates for energy, but simple processed carbohydrates convert more quickly to sugar.

If you’re gluten intolerant, change to a gluten-free form of carb.

Add healthy portions of vegetables and fruits for complex nutrients and antioxidants. You also need at least two-thirds of your body weight in water to remain hydrated.

If you work out, you should add an extra eight to 12 ounces per 30 minutes of working out. Water helps your body process food, break down waste, and rebuild during rest periods.

Final Thoughts

The pursuit of a perfect body isn’t worth breaking yourself. Use the Taron Egerton workout above to the best of your ability but allow yourself moments to cut back if you feel like it’s too much or you’re experiencing injuries.

Also, speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any workout routine and intermittently during the workout cycle to make sure you’re the healthiest you can be.

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