70 Powerful & Effective Mottos to Live By (The Best & The Good) in Life

Many companies use mottos, slogans, and catch phrases to sell products and motivate employees. Mottos can boost morale and cultivate a certain image. The benefits of choosing certain mottos to live by for yourself, however, are far greater.

Choosing a personal motto can help you stay focused on your goals in a world of distraction, force you to ditch negative self-talk, and inspire you to change bad habits.

These mottos to live by can be quick bursts of energy and friendly reminders of who you are, what you stand for, and what you are trying to achieve.

Certainly, having a few mottos to live by is an essential part of staying on track and reaching your goals.

Mottos to Live By

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What Is a Motto?

A motto is a short phrase or string of words that describes who you are and what your purpose in life is.

Your personal motto should be a phrase that excites, inspires, and motivates you.

Your personal motto should be a verbal representation of the man you want to become.

Why Every Man Needs a Personal Motto

In a world of endless distraction, it can be very hard to focus on your goals, your dreams, and the man you want to be.

Your smartphone, social media, parties, and even positive things such as your family can be distracting you from your important goals.

As such, mottos are helpful because they remind you of what you want to get out of life.

If you are constantly distracted by Facebook, one of your mottos to live by may be, “vision without action is just a daydream.”

Being that, if you are scrolling through social media too much, chances are you aren’t taking action towards your goals.

Psychology Today mentions nine benefits of mottos, and says that mottos increase your productivity and add humor to your life.

Also mottos to live by necessary because they can pick you up when you are feeling down.

What are your insecurities?

If you constantly dwell on past mistakes, especially small ones, you may need to include the motto, “you are not your mistakes” to your list.

Notably, mottos to live by can also help you make important decisions.

By choosing a motto based on the man you want to become, you start making decisions based in that ideology.

Furthermore, implementing mottos in this instance can push you into the transformation you want to see.

For example, if you struggle with choosing to do things you want to do rather than things you need to do, your motto may need to be, “successful people do things they don’t want to do.”

How to Create a Personal Motto

The key to picking the best personal motto for yourself is to take time and contemplate on which mottos to live by are best suited to you, your goals, and your current life stage.

And be sure to take plenty of time to decide on your motto or list of mottos to live by.

Step 1: Why Do You Want a Motto?

When choosing mottos to live by, it is key to consider why you need one in the first place.

  • What is going on in your life at this time?
  • What stage of life are you in?
  • Is there an important choice you need to make, or do you just need motivation?

Now, knowing what you need a motto for is a key step in choosing the right one.

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Step 2: Choosing Your Motto

Next, keep in mind that your motto should be a representation of who you want to be.

Ultimately, an easy way to decide who you want to be is to take a look at your values.

Do you value hard work, patience, consistency?

Whatever it is you want to implement more of into your life, you should have a motto that reinforces that.

Step 3: Put Your Motto Somewhere Visible

Additionally, it will be all for naught if you go through the trouble of curating a motto and just stick it in a drawer or notebook!

Particularly, mottos to live by work best when they are constantly lingering in your memory; not out of sight and out of mind.

For this reason, here are a few places you can put your motto; so that you will see it constantly and it will seep into your long-term memory.

  • Your desk
  • Your Mirror
  • A reminder on your phone
  • Your car

Also, get into the practice of repeating and consciously reflecting on your motto each time you see it.

Consequently, these powerful words will sink into your mind and become part of your daily actions.

Step 4: Commit Your Motto to Memory Through Repetition

If you don’t commit your mottos to live by to memory, chances are you won’t remember them when you need them.

Likewise, if you decided that your motto was going to be “do no harm” because you frequently say hurtful things to your wife when you get angry, it isn’t enough to just decide on this motto.

If you haven’t repeated this motto every day, several times a day, it is likely that you will still lash out in the heat of the moment.

When you repeat your motto to yourself every morning, you reinforce it in your mind.

Truly, thoughts become actions.

Mottos to Live By

10 Important Life Mottos to Inspire You

1. I am…

Confident. Strong. Attractive. Whatever it is you struggle to believe about yourself can be reinforced with the powerful “I am” mantra.

2. Carpe Diem

Seize the day. If the thought of seizing something doesn’t jolt you out of bed, nothing will.

3. The Future is My Unknown Paradise

If you are going to think about the future, envision it being successful, abundant, and exhilarating.

This motto will get you pumped for whatever the future may hold and give you a positive outlook.

4. Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

You can choose how you want your life to be.

You have to make the choice to take the steps you need to reach your goals or just muddle through life like a zombie.

5. Lead Without Followers, Live From Within

Be humble in your leadership. Learn to experience the happiness that is already with you.

7. Simple Steps to a Happier Life

Sometimes we over-complicate life in our minds. By remembering to choose simplicity as your source of happiness, you find joy.

8. Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

If you don’t like something about the world, look at yourself before pointing fingers.

Sometimes you may be contributing to the problem and you may not realize it.

If you want to see more of a certain behavior, you must be the first one to model that behavior for your peers.

9. I Will Survive

Even when you think you aren’t going to make it, keep telling yourself you are going to survive.

Get through the mess and thrive!

10. Tomorrow is Another Day

Don’t live in the past, it’s only holding you back.

50 Most Powerful Good Mottos To Change Your Life

1. Appreciate What You Have

Forgetting to be thankful for what you already have can hold you back from true happiness.

When trying to better yourself, gratitude is a great place to start.

2. Go to Bed With Dreams, Wake Up With a Purpose

Go to bed at night thinking about what you want to do, then wake up the next morning and put those dreams into reality by taking action!

3. You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

Practice makes perfect.

4. Beyond Fear Lives Freedom

When you put fear aside, you take an enormous weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to reach your goals much easier.

5. By Endurance We Conquer

Sometimes it may seem better to just throw in the towel. By enduring the hardships, we take the path to a rewarding outcome.

6. Take the Road Less Traveled By

It may be tempting to go with the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, but being original and taking your own path has huge payoffs.

7. Do All the Good You Can

Any chance you see to do the right thing or improve someone’s life, take it! You will never regret it.

8. He Who Has Begun is Half Done

Starting on something is always the most difficult part.

9. Know Thyself

Knowing yourself is essential to your success and happiness.

10. Be All You Can Be

This motto isn’t just for the Army. Why would you settle to be less than what you can be?

11. Believe in Yourself

As simple as this motto may be, we all struggle with self-doubt. This motto is a friendly reminder that we must have faith in our ability to succeed.

12. Conformity is the Jailer of Freedom and the Enemy of Growth

If you are constantly trying to be someone else, you will never feel free or grow into the man you want to become.

13. Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing

What’s life without adventure?

14. Start Chasing the Passion

This is a good motto if you are unhappy in your current situation.

When you follow what you are passionate about, you set yourself up for success and long-term happiness.

15. There’s No Failure, Only Feedback

This motto is a great reinforcement that the reason we fail is to learn from it!

16. The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

What is your purpose? How will you make a positive impact in other’s lives?

17. Obstacles are Stepping Stones

Use the problems you encounter on your journey to your advantage.

18. Roll With the Punches

This motto is especially helpful when facing a lot of adversity.

19. No Pain, No Gain

This is a terrific motto for those days you don’t want to go to the gym.

20. We Are What We Repeatedly Do

If you watch television on your couch all day, you will be a couch potato.

If you go to the gym instead or work on your business, you will become a slick, fit entrepreneur.

21. Hard Work Pays Off

This old adage still holds true.

22. Keep the Faith

Keep faith in yourself and your abilities.

23. Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Jesus said to treat others how you want to be treated.

24. Life is Tough, But You Are Tougher

Life can be very hard at times, but you are tough enough to get through it!

25. Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

This isn’t just a sign hanging above your girlfriend’s front door.

This slightly overused motto reminds us that it is okay to laugh and not be so serious all the time.

26. Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Sometimes courage is choosing to stay humble and quiet.

27. Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

The best experiences of your life will be the ones that make you a little afraid and push your boundaries.

28. Semper Fi

Here is another military motto. Semper Fi means always faithful and is the Marine Corps motto. Use this motto to help your marriage.

29. Powerful Dreams Inspire Powerful Action

Are you dreaming BIG enough?

30. Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

If you quit, you will never get to the finish line!

31. Maximum Effort

Why not give it all you’ve got?

32. Live Life to the Fullest

This can mean whatever you want it to mean. What makes your heart and soul fulfilled? Do that to your heart’s content.

33. You Can’t Start a New Chapter If You Re-read the Last One

Get out of the past and create your future!

34. Don’t Let the Little Things Break You

By letting every little problem get under your skin, you are holding yourself back.

35. Your Pain Today Will Be Your Strength Tomorrow

You may struggle with a skill now, but once you master it, you can turn it into one of your best abilities.

36. Be Gentle First With Yourself

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Negative self-talk never got anyone anywhere.

37. If You Can’t Stop Thinking About It, Do It

If you are constantly thinking about something, chances are you really want to do it.

It’s time to let go of what is holding you back from doing it.

38. Renew Your Passions Daily

The daily grind of life can leave you feeling dispassionate. Wake up each morning and write down your goals and aspirations.

39. Keep On Keeping On

This motto may not have an entirely clear explanation, but sometimes hearing these words will give you the push you need to keep doing something, especially during the not-so-fun parts.

40. Eyes on the Prize

This motto reminds you to eliminate distractions, especially when you feel tempted to scroll through social media.

41. One Thing At a Time

Often times, it is far more efficient to focus on one goal at a time, rather than a long, daunting list.

42. Nobody’s Perfect

This is a reminder to yourself that you are a normal human being that makes mistakes and that’s okay.

43. Life’s What You Make It

You may not be in control of all the things that happen to you, but you do control how you handle them.

44. You Either Evolve Or Disappear

You have to be able to adapt to changes.

45. No Regrets

This short and sweet motto can give you the push to do something outside of your comfort zone!

46. Whatever You Are Be A Good One

Even super-villains strive to be the best villain they can be!

47. Do All Things with Intention

It is so easy to blow through life aimlessly, but doing things with an intention can give you a greater sense of purpose.

48. The Possibilities are Infinite

There are so many things to do, be, and to see. You have endless options.

49. Know Your Worth

This is a popular motto among women, but it is applicable to everyone.

Knowing your worth ensures that you won’t let anyone walk all over you.

50. Attitude is Everything

If you believe you can’t, you can’t! Having a positive attitude is key to your success.

10 Best Mottos Across the Internet

1. You Only Live Once

This popular motto has caused teens to do some stupid things, but it can be a good message in the right context.

2. Just Do It!

Whether Nike or Shia Labeouf comes to mind when you hear this, sometimes you just need to take action!

3. Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

Yoda may be hard to understand, but he made it clear that you either do it or you don’t.

Sometimes it will take multiple attempts to do it right.

4. Don’t Tread On Me

This motto can be great if you struggle with allowing people to “walk all over you.” It reminds you to stand up for yourself.

5. To Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before

The greatest of the great didn’t get there by staying in one place. They took a leap of faith and pushed boundaries.

6. Don’t Be Evil

The unofficial motto of Google is pretty straightforward.

7. Great Men Are Not Born Great, They Grow Great

Greatness is something you have to work for.

You have to decide what it means to be great and take the steps to get there.

8. Just Keep Swimming

Similar to keep on keeping on, Dory, the blue fish from Finding Nemo reminds us to keep “swimming” even when you have been for a long time and it seems like you are going nowhere.

9. Every Man Dies, But Not Every Man Lives

This motto is a great reminder to actually live your life with purpose.

10. Heroes Get Remembered But Legends Never Die

You have to put in the work to create a long-standing legacy for yourself.

Make something your kids will be proud to continue!

Wrapping up…

In conclusion, implementing mottos to live by can add motivation and spark to your life.

Also, by choosing a few new mottos to live by and placing them somewhere visible, you can change the direction of your life and become the man you want to be!

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