What Your Car Says About You (Ultimate Guide to Car Color & Car Brand)

Your car is likely going to make an impression on people that you meet as well as those who see you. As a result, what your car says about you is something worth considering being that it gives people a sense of who you are.

What your car says about you will likely reveal a number of things about you in terms of lifestyle, musical tastes, favorite foods, personality, status and much more.

In addition to what a car may says about you, there are other aspects such as what your car color says about you and what your car brand says about you.

Therefore, with a care, you will be able to show people your unique personal characteristics.

What Your Car Says About You

What Your Car Says About You

Do you remember when you were once a kid and used to say, “When I grow up, I want to own a black or red car?”

This was most likely cars from different movie scenes like the epic Batman’s black “Bat-mobile” or the classic James Bond’s silvered Aston Martin.

Let’s face it, if you are planning to buy a car or are attracted to a specific type of car; it majorly has to do with your social and personal attributes hence what your car says about you.

This might seem like a theory but has continuously been proven by numerous psychologist.

A good example, Batman’s dark childhood that included his fear of bats when he was trapped in a bat’s cave and his parents being killed in front of him.

Consequently, he selects the black color to show his elegance and determination in surviving and seeking revenge hence the name “The Dark Knight”.

Now let’s take it back to the real world where there are no superheroes but just you and I; and our type of car preferences.

As a man, it is important to know what your car says about you.

What Your Car Says About Your Personality

Owning a two sitter sport car doesn’t mean that you hate people but clearly shows you are a financial risk taker.

On the other hand, driving a van/SUV car that has three rows might mean you are a family person or love company.

Similarly, fitting your car with ultra-bright LED lights is an emphasis of being careful and protecting yourself.

The common one is having ‘A baby on board” or family sticker clearly shows you are a family man.

Individuals with bumper stickers of church, football team logo, or presidential candidate show an outspoken individual.

While possessing an exotic car air freshener showcases strong personality. When your boot is full of different stuff with no organization, it’s safe to say you are multitasking in nature.

These are just some of the common researched proofs of what your car says about you and your personality according to most online research.

What Your Car Color Says About You

When driving your car in the streets or buying a car, do you ever wonder what your car color says about you?

The most commonly selected car colors by car producers greatly depend on the markets demand.

These are mostly black, white, silver, and gray that makes up an impressive 75% of brand new cars being sold.

The Black Car

According to Autocar, the color black was the leading 2017 best selling color generally across all type of car models.

It is greatly associated with luxurious based cars. On the other hand, black is considered as one of the sophisticated colors.

Additionally, it is powerful and represents people who want to make a statement.

For example, most countries’ presidential escort cars are usually in black color. Most cars used in transporting government officials are also black in color hence the representation of power, elegance, and dominance.

Furthermore, in the USA, the presidential black motorcade is usually Cadillac.

In other words, what your car brand says about you is significant. Cadillac emerges as one of the car brands that have an elegant appearance when in black color.

What Your Car Says About You

The White Car

Unlike the current trends, the white color has been in the motor arena for decades as a color that depicts elegance and the aspect of being unique.

In every society, most individuals riding white cars are considered to have taste, and unique style with a touch of determination to stand out.

Furthermore, taking it back to the religious and cultural point of view, white is connected to purity.

In the US and Canada, the police majorly use white cars as either Police Pursuit Vehicles or Special Service Vehicles; being that white easily makes them noticeable and show their role in keeping peace in the street.

For an individual, the selection of white cars also has similar significance.

A white requires a high level of cleanliness. As a result, it’s assumed that a white car owner is simply clean and solid in their decisions.

The Bentley Bentayga is sleek in white color.

What Your Car Says About You

The Blue Car

You can never go wrong when selecting blue as your car color.

Psychologist considers blue to be a trustworthy color hence your driving skills are trustable.

The light blue color depicts a true and calm personality. On the other hand, a darker shade of blue tends to showcase confidence.

Blue car owners are considered a cool and the type to have as a friend.

Unlike other high-performance car brands, Subaru WRX/STI is produced in sky blue/blue pearl color thus given to their high demand.

What Your Car Says About You

Red Car

Just like Superman’s suit, the color red is greatly associated with strength and energy. These are individuals who showcase passion and action.

The color red has an energizing emotional appeal making one take charge. No wonder it’s used in the traffic light as a ‘STOP” sign of which most people obey.

Driving a red car showcases leadership and being a passionate man since red is the color of love.

On the contrary, red is the color of blood representing anger, furious or revengeful person.

Apart from the commonly red Ferrari, the Mazda CX-5 and Audi A4 are some of the best red cars out there.

What Your Car Says About You

The Brown/Beige Car

Just as the brown dust color, people who rock brown/beige colors are most likely down to earth individuals.

Their confidence does not depend on striking bright colors hence they know what they want and are satisfied just the way they are.

According to Forbes, the Porsche Boxster is one of the leading brown cars that clearly leaves makes an impression when driven.

What Your Car Color Says About You


Silver is a color that represents futuristic dominance through its metallic shine appeal.

In other words, silver cars demonstrate the driver is more into the modernized lifestyle and is future-oriented.

Such cars are commonly driven by leading business-oriented individuals showcasing their energetic trait.

Also, silver is used as a currency and in making ornaments and tools.

If you are such an individual, investing in a silve red Volvo XC90 is all you need.

The make has an appealing official look that clearly shows its all business.

What Your Car Color Says About You

Gray Cars

Just as the color gray suggests, gray depicts individuals who are older in terms of understanding and maturity.

They are never in a rush hence relaxed. They tend to be peaceful individuals as the color is kind to the eye, unlike flashy colors.

In other words, the Gray car owner is considered wise and experienced hence cannot easily be swayed.

A Land Cruiser is such a car that showcases stamina, experience as it can survive most harsh terrains and much more.

What Your Car Color Says About You

Yellow Cars

Just as most bubblegum, yellow is a color of fun, bubbly and crazy nature.

It simply shows a happy man that is positive oriented and looks on the better side of life blessings.

Also, this includes an innovative mind, business-oriented to success, and a good sense of humor.

The Ford Focus ST is an appealing car with a yellow touch showcases a happy life according to Forbes.

Similarly, Kanye West owns a yellow Lamborghini Aventador which was bought by his wife Kim Kardashian as a birthday present.

What Your Car Color Says About You

Orange Cars

This is an uncommon color compared with the rest that has great appeal. Especially with the current millennial generation.

It simply showcases uniqueness hence used by most celebrities such as singers, actors, and socialites.

It shows an individual who has a good paying job and is living a adventurous life hence a daredevil. A good example is the orange Lamborghini convertible that clearly shows adventure, money, and fame.

What Your Car Color Says About You

Green Cars

This is Mother Nature’s color that depicts a peaceful, caring, natural, and patient driver.

Furthermore, a dark green color demonstrates you are protective and more reserve in your ideas; and your way of life is simplified.

In general, such drivers have an appeal to nature just like the famous jungle green army outfits that blend with nature.

Dodge Dart is the perfect car that mixes with the green color.

It showcases your understanding, love, and beauty of Mother Nature’s magic.

What Your Car Color Says About You

What Your Car Brand Says About You

In addition to your choice of color, another aspect of this topic is what your car brand says about you. For some people, the brand name of their chosen car is very important and critial to their self image.

These individuals, especially those in business, understand what your car brand says about you can result in closing or losing a business deal.

So let’s look at some vehicle types and brand and what they say about you.

High End Sedans

Those who own and drive in a silver high end sedan such as an Audi are usually believed to be a Millennial who lives in a city on either the east or west costs.

It will also reveal your political affiliation which is a liberal Democrat. When it comes to occupation, you are likely to be in either the advertising or consulting industries.

Lastly, those who drive luxury sedans such as an Audi, your musical tastes are in pop where you frequently listen to Coldplay or Rihanna.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Driving a SUV such as Ford Explorer in the color black shows you’re most likely to possess the personality traits of being friendly and direct.

Occupation-wise, someone driving a Ford SUV is likely to work in either construction or contracting.

They also own a dog and are members of either the Baby Boom generation or Generation X.

Also, those who drive SUVs are also into sports such as football and enjoy eating foods such as beef jerky.
Likewise, your musical tastes are for bands such as Van Halen and the singer Toby Keith.

What Your Car Brand Says About You


People who drive black hatchbacks of brands such as Toyota are most likely to be members of Generation X and work in fields such as transportation and logistics.

Furthemore, their favorite food is likely to be Indian food and guacamole. And they are also into college football and soccer when to comes to sports.

Also, those who drive this type of vehicle are also known to value their friends and maintain a lifestyle that his very healthy.

Usually, they are likely to shop at Banana Republic and Apple; and enjoy movies such as Wall Street and read the New York Times.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

GM Models (e.g. Chevrolet)

Most people who drive GM cars such as Chevrolet in blue color are into food – such as steak and eggs.

Also, they are know to have an aptitude ins mechanics and enjoy spending a lot of time in their garage.

They are avid dog lovers and enjoy sports such as football and NASCAR.

Additionally, they identify themselves as competent leaders. And in terms of musical tastes, they enjoy Stevie Ray Vaughn; and are never interested in getting plastic surgery.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

Economy and Mid Level Sedans

When someone drives economy and mid level sedans such as the Honda Civic and Accord in the color black, they are likely to be of the millennial generation and work in fields such as healthcare or education.

Furthermore, they enjoy spending their free time outdoors at parks and historical sites.

Also, they likely to be eager to settle down and have kids; and find interest in subjects such as science.

Overall, those who drive this type of vehicle are also likely to spend a lot of time on the Internet. And they also prefer to shop at stores such as Target and wear apparel by Nike.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

Chrysler Sedans

Men who drive Chrysler sedans in maroon color are seen as dependable . They are also likely to be older than 65 years old and their favorite foods are beef casserole.

Going to the movies on a regular basis is also one of their favorite past times. In addition, men who own Chrysler sedans are also into college football.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

Dodge Vehicles

Owners of Dodge vehicles in the color silver are known to be individuals who have a big heart.

Also, they prefer to wash their car themselves as well as believing that electric cars are not the ideal future of motor vehicles.

They don’t waste time grooming and styling their hair; and they are not the most health concious folks either.

Furthermore, when it comes to favorite foods, Dodge owners usually enjoy bacon and fried fish.

They are also very fond of dogs and enjoy following sports such as NASCAR. When shopping for clothes, they prefer comfort instead of style.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

BMW Sedan

Men who drive sedans by BMW and in the color red are usually smart and more likely to be under the age of 30 years old.

They work in either account or architecture fields; and are into the latest fashion, trendy bars and restaurants, and exercise frequently than majority of the population.

Also, they believe that foreign cars are of superior quality; and when it comes to music, they are into Miley Cyrus.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

Mercedes Benz

Guys who drive Mercedes Benz in the color black are known to be very active. Additionally, they place a lot of emphasis on being in great shape.

Furthermore, their hobbies are usually playing golf and investing in the financial markets.

These Mercedes Benz owners are either Generation Xers or Baby Boomers. Equally, they love movies such as The Big Short and spend more time online than watching television. They also look to buy top products and services as well.

What Your Car Brand Says About You

What Your Car Says About You – Summary

In summary, just as life is made of decisions; deciding your car brand and color also showcase some of your personal attributes. For example, your class in society, your level of income, your taste preference; and could even tell a brief history of the type of life experience you have undergone.

A good example is the yellow car color that depicts a joyful individual while a silver color depicts a futuristic/business oriented person. Red cars are for the bold and passionate while brown is for the elderly and experienced. Green goes for the protective and nature loving while blue is for the trustworthy driver.

Just as the rainbows beauty lies in the colors, make sure your car selection clearly state your nature.

In addition, what your car brand says about you matters to you and even the society. Those who drive high end sedans such as BMW and Mercedes are likely to be into fitness and being active.

People who drive sport utility vehicles are likely to be into sports such as football and baseball.

And lastly, driving economy and mid level sedans will likely indicate that you are a young person who is in the fields such as education, healthcare or information technology..

Therefore, driving a vehicle is a great way to reveal yourself to others in your community.

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