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Ayisha Diaz – 23 Things You Should Know About This Instagram Goddess

Well, say hello to Mademoiselle Ayisha Diaz. She’s not French by the way, we only chose to address her as such simply because we want to.

Ayisha Diaz

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Who is Ayisha Diaz

Who is Ayisha Diaz

In fact, this Dominican princess who’s only aspiration as kid was to be an inspiration to other young people is one of the most sort after models on social media vis-a-vis Instagram.

By the same token, what started out as minor roles in music videos turned huge. She has appeared on popular videos for hit tracks by super artists such as Chris Brown, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill as well as that fella called Souja Boy.

Now, Ayisha Diaz is not just your average music video vixen. Being the IG super model that she is, she has appeared on various television commercials and advertisements as well.

In addition to all this, she is a regular feature on top magazines such as Smooth Magazine and Straight Stuntin Magazine.

She was also featured on the cover page of Spicy Magazine. You can grab a copy by clicking the link below:


Furthermore, this Dominican goddess isn’t done yet. She ventured in the fashion industry and set up her very own e-commerce platform under the JAMILA brand; for the sales and marketing of fashion clothing, accessories, designer handbags, shoes and much more.

One thing is for sure, you can expect more from this young diva as it’s very evident that she’s not letting anything hold her down!

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Ayisha Diaz Bio

Now let’s take a look at Ayisha’s bio. As we’ve mentioned early, she’s of Dominican descent thus making her a Dominican American.

Also, she has two beautiful sisters and a brother.

She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and available information signal she currently resides in the State of New Jersey.

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Ayisha Diaz Birthday

Ayisha Diaz Birthday

Notwithstanding, you’d think that with all Ayisha’s accomplishments she ought to be much older. But no, she’s not.

Actually, her birthday was the on 30th glorious day of April in the year of the Lord 1991. When the Almighty and the Angels came together in one symphonic and harmonic chorus created this magnificent beauty queen! You can say “Hell Yeah!” to that.

Ayisha Diaz Height and Weight

Ayisha Diaz Height and Weight

Stacked like a Baby Benz with 5 FT 3 IN height to match and about 140 LBS of flesh, Ayisha is built with the right height and weight for champions.

In addition, you can spot her long black hair rolling down her back coupled with her brown eyes thus making her beauty a wonder to behold.

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Ayisha Diaz Instagram

Yes, you can find Ayisha constantly stunting on IG.

Here’s her Instagram profile page. Yes, go ahead and indulge her majesty.

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Ayisha Diaz Tumblr

Ayisha Diaz Tumblr

Ayisha is a multi-platform social medial darling. And yes, she can be found on Tumblr too.

Her official Tumblr page can be access via this link and if you’re seeking her pictorial showcase on Tumblr, be sure to check it out here

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Ayisha Diaz Age

Ayisha Diaz Age

Ayisha’s date of birth is already provided above, if you missed it please click here. So my man, do the math to figure Ayisha Diaz’s age – LOLz!

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Ayisha Diaz Twerk

Let’s put it this way – Ayisha was built to twerk. There are many videos freely available online, just go a quick google search and enjoy.

In the meantime, here’s one you can check out:

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Ayisha Diaz Feet

Rocking one of the best feet in the known world, take a look for yourself and decide if Ayisha’s feet doesn’t rock.

View this post on Instagram

Snap chat ayishadiaz2 😉 #toes #feet

A post shared by Ayisha Diaz (@ayishadiaz) on

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Ayisha Diaz Before Surgery

Ayisha Diaz Before Surgery

Online forums are often ablaze discussing Ayisha Diaz before surgery. And the questions have been constantly probing whether she had plastic surgery or not.

Or is her wonderful physical structure simply a result of her Latina DNA?

Although, Ayisha has never come out to state whether or not she had plastic surgery to empower her upper and lower assets.

So let’s not be quick to rush to conclusions. Not every model with an awesome body had surgery. Moreover, Latina and Black DNA’s are very potent in projecting upper and lower body awesomeness!.

However, you can draw your own conclusion by browsing through her various pictures on Instagram for yourself.

Take a look at her older pictures and then the newer pictures. Then see if she needed to have surgery or not to get to where she it now – body wise.

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Ayisha Diaz Gif

Looking for the perfect Ayisha Diaz gif?

We found one for you:

However, be sure to check out google for many more.

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Ayisha Diaz Boyfriend

Ayisha Diaz Boyfriend

Ms Diaz has had their fair share of happy and unhappy relationships just as every other human being on this planet.

For example, it may interest you to know that Ayisha had short romantic affair with Shad Moss her ex-boyfriend.

According to Ayisha, Shad (a.k.a Bow Wow) allegedly cheated on her with several adult film stars and this led to the degeneration of the relationship.

As at this very moment of at publication, it’s still not clear who her current beau is.

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Ayisha Diaz Reddit

Ayisha Diaz Reddit

Ms. Ayisha has a thriving reddit community with over 900 people actively participating in the r/AyishaDiaz community.

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Ayisha Diaz Videos

Ayisha Diaz Videos

This Dominican beauty has appeared of several videos. And you can find them right on her Instagram or Tumblr pages. As well as on Google and YouTube.

However, we’ve taken the liberty to curate some for you – thank us later:

Preme – DnF (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future

Monster by Meek Mill

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Shake It by Lou Armstrong Ft. Red Cafe & Verse Simmond

Clappers by Wale featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J

“Throw It Away” by Slaughterhouse

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Ayisha Diaz Net Worth

Ayisha Diaz Net Worth

This Taurus goddess is definitely and constantly laughing to the bank. Although with over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, it’s hard to put an exact figure as to her earnings.

However, it can be conservatively deduced that she makes at least five figures monthly.

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Ayisha Diaz Snapchat

Ayisha Diaz Snapchat

Oh yes, did we forget to mention she’s available on Snapchat?

Check her out on Snapchat at @ayishadiaz2

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Ayisha Diaz Photos

Ayisha Diaz Photos

As can be seen, this article is filled with Ayisha’s photos. In addition, There are tons of Ayisha’s photos available on most social media platforms and Google.

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Ayisha Diaz Insta

Ayisha’s insta account can be accessed here.

Ayisha Diaz Plastic Surgery

Ayisha Diaz Plastic Surgery

The topic of Ayisha’s plastic surgery is purely based on speculation. Also, there are no facts substantiating any allegation as of yet.

However, the sudden increase in her assets over a short period of time lends credence to these speculations. Moreover, Ms. Ayisha on her part has neither confirmed nor denied the speculations that she’s had plastic surgery done to enhance her upper and lower asset categories.

Nevertheless, these things tend to reveal themselves with time. As such, time will tell and once we know the facts, we’ll be sure to communicate them to our readers.

Ayisha Diaz Facebook

Ayisha Diaz Facebook

Yes, Ayisha is on Facebook. You can find her Facebook page here.

Ayisha Diaz Wiki

Ayisha Diaz Wiki

The content curated and delivered on this page is sort of a Wiki. So all the information you’ve obtained and read on this post is Ayisha Diaz wiki.

Ayisha Diaz Hot

Ayisha Diaz Hot

By all means, is Ayisha Diaz hot? Do you need to ask? Generally speaking, let’s put it this way, HOT is synonymous with Ms. Ayisha – ok.

Obviously, with 2.6 million followers excited on social media over her constant picture updates speaks volume.

Ayisha Diaz Pics

Ayisha Diaz Pics

Finally, if you’re looking for more pics of Ayisha there are tons available online. Just do a google search or check on Instagram and Facebook.

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