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Carey Lowell – 11 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Carey Lowell

American actress and model Carey Lowell is a woman definitely worth talking about. Unlike other celebrities born into fame, she simply started as a model in New York. Then luxurious brands saw all the glamour and potential she had and hired her as their model.

Carey Lowell

Furthermore, with a thriving modeling career, she then ventured into Hollywood after landing her first role in the thriller movie, Dangerously Close in 1986. And various shows and movies she starred in made great platforms for her skills and talent.

But there’s more to her than just the Hollywood buzz and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. So let’s go.

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Who Is Carey Lowell?

As a child, Carey Lowell’s was a little bit different compared to others. And having a father who was a geologist, she was raised in different countries including France and the Netherlands.

But they eventually settled in Colorado, wherein she studied literature at the University of Colorado.

Also, moving to New York was one of Lowell’s best decisions, where she was signed by the Ford modeling agency. And the agency gave her the opportunity to walk on the runways for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Furthermore, not settling for less, she honed her acting skills in Neighborhood Playhouse School-of-Theatre.

And she became most famous for her role as a coveted Bond girl in the movie, License to Kill in 1989. In addition, she further became successful and respected with her role as Jamie Ross in Law and Order.

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Carey Lowell Age & Birthday

Carey Lowell Age

So how old is Carey Lowell? With such a stunning body, can you guess Carey Lowell’s age?. In fact, she born on February 11, 1961. And her beauty is timeless and her age definitely doesn’t stop her from blooming.

Birth Date: February 11, 1961

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Carey Lowell Height

Carey Lowell Height

Obviously becoming a Ford Model is one tough battle but with a towering 5 feet, 10 inches, Carey Lowell just glided her way to modeling success. And being tall definitely has its benefits, don’t you think?

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches.

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Carey Lowell Spouse

Carey Lowell Spouse

Truly, the beautiful woman that she is, she’s been married three times and have men curled up around her fingers. And one thing about each of Carey Lowell’s former spouses was that they were never just simple men, they had to be somebody somewhere.

In fact, the first wedding ring she had was in 1984 from John Stember who made his name in fashion photography and directing. Marriage was good until about 4 years later.

Then in 1989, church bells were rung for her and Griffin Dunne, who’s not just a famous actor but also a film producer and director. She has a thing for directors, you see. But romance wasn’t just for these two as the flame naturally burned out in 1995.

Likewise, the latest chapter of her marriages started when she started dating Richard Gere. And the famous actor and activist dated Lowell for years before popping the question. Then they got married in 2002 but divorced 11 years later which was a pretty long process.

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Carey Lowell Divorce


Altogether, we’re talking of three marriages, three divorces. For one thing, the first marriage only lasted for a good 4 years before Lowell and John Stember called it quits in 1984.

Next, wedding vows also went down the drain just after about 9 years of marriage to second husband Griffin Dunne.

And just when everyone thought the third husband was going to be around forever; Richard Gere and Carey Lowell’s marriage only last for 11 years and ended in 2013.

So Carey Lowell’s marriage life has never reached happily ever after but that doesn’t stop her from dating hot men!

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Carey Lowell Children

Carey Lowell Children

Carey Lowell’s two children were luckily both born out of love, or so they say. Her daughter with Griffin Dunne was named Hannah and was born in April 1990. Marriage with Richard Gere also gave birth to Homer James-Gere who was born in February 1990.

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Carey Lowell and Richard Gere

Carey Lowell and Richard Gere

In fact, nobody thought the marriage between Carey Lowell and Richard Gere’s would end in flames. But how could it not when there were rumors husband cheated on wife?

And being together for 7 years before they married in secret and over a decade of being married seemed like the perfect recipe to happy ever after, but we stand corrected. So the divorce has been crazy and after four years, a settlement has been reached.

Although details weren’t disclosed due to confidentiality, matters on custody over their son were settled in a speed of light. And Gere is now dating Alejandra Silva, a Spanish beauty and soon-to-be wife.

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Is She Dating


Moreover, a woman of her caliber will never put out from the dating scene, not when she’s in her golden 50s! Now single, Carey Lowell’s dating life is now the talk of the town.

Tom Freston entered her life in 2015 when Lowell was single and settling a divorce with Gere.

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Carey Lowell Tom Freston

Carey Lowell Tom Freston

Indeed, a gorgeous woman like Carey Lowell won’t just stop dating after a lengthy divorce. And the paparazzi just can’t get enough of Carey Lowell and Tom Freston.

Ultimately, this picture perfect couple started dating in 2015, and he could just be Husband #4. Will she be lucky this time around?

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Carey Lowell Net Worth

Carey Lowell Net Worth

Having landed numerous roles in hit movies, Carey Lowell’s net worth is just a little over $6 million dollars! This model turned actress definitely worked hard to earn her fortune. It could probably be more than that after Gere’s cordial settlement.

Net Worth: $6,000,000.00

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What’s Her Wiki?


The nitty details of Carey Lowell’s wiki have fans and curious minds thanking editors for having every single movie and show listed.

And those who worship her will cherish this page and probably never get tired of updating even the tiniest little detail.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, Carey Lowell is a timeless beauty who will never run out of men to grace her presence. And the success she made for herself from modeling and acting has propelled her to a long life in Hollywood and hopefully, a final happy ending with the love of her life.

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