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Jessica Rogan – Bio, Age, Family, Wiki, Instagram, Net Worth, Height, etc.

Let’s get to know this showbiz queen and what keeps her going. While Jessica Rogan may not be a popular Instagram celebrity or Internet influencer, but she’s a collected lady who has a long and interesting story in the show business.

Jessica Rogan

Furthermore, she has tried a number of professions; mixing & matching her interests and talents. And some haven’t worked out well for her while others have made her the unique and poised woman she is today.

So below are interesting facts about Jessica Rogan, read on to get started.

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Who Is Jessica Rogan?

Jessica Rogan formerly Jessica Schimmel is a product analyst for Volvo Motor Sports, famous TV producer, and the wife of Joe Rogan.

And the latter is an American comedian, former actor, producer, podcast host, and MMA colorful commentator.

Furthermore, Jessica started her career as a cocktail waitress in the late 90s and later ventured into TV and film productions. Also, she tried modeling at some point in her life but didn’t turn out very well.

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Jessica Rogan Age & Birthday

Jessica Rogan Age & Birthday

As a matter of fact, Jessica was born in the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona, on June 28th, 1978. She’s still young in the business and her birth sign is cancer.

Date of Birth: June 28th, 1978

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Jessica Rogan Family

Jessica Rogan Family

Jessica Schimmel was born to a comedian father, Robert Schimmel and Vicki Schimmel. And she was introduced into film and TV production by her father.

However, Robert Schimmel later divorced and remarried Melissa, Jesicca’s longtime friend.

Furthermore, Jessica and Joe Rogan started dating in 2008 and gave birth to a first-born daughter. Then they married in 2009 and welcomed their second-born daughter in 2010.

Also, Joe is a step-father to Jessica’s daughter from a previous relationship. And Jessica Rogan’s family live in Bell Canyon, California.

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Is She on Instagram?

Jessica Rogan Instagram

Interestingly, out of the few Jessica Rogan Instagram profiles available, none belong to this celebrity wife. And it turns out that Jessica Rogan doesn’t have an Instagram account. Not by coincidence, but probably by choice.

While some profiles have tried mimicking the real Jessica Rogan, it’s easy to rule out the parody accounts.

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What’s Her Wiki?


Jessica’s life may be a bit private at the moment, however, there’s sufficient information about her past life. But Jessica Rogan’s Wiki pages are all over the internet.

And her increasing popularity is a no surprise, especially after marrying the famous Joe Rogan.

Furthermore, in the early 2000s, Jessica worked as an assistant producer for 15 episodes of the TV Sitcom, “The Simpsons”. And in 2005, she was credited for the production of the TV documentary “Hollywood & Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.”

Also, in 2010, Jessica modeled for a Chinese company, EM Model Management and proceeded with some modeling assignments for a Korean Company, Wholesome.

However, Jessica was not happy with modeling and left to pursue her current profession as a product analyst.

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Jessica Rogan Height


So how tall is Jessica Rogan? Well, she stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (5’8”).

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (5′ 8″).

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Jessica Rogan Net Worth

Jessica Rogan Net Worth

In between her professional life, Jessica has made a living from various niches. For one thing, her TV production days made her significant money to jump-start her successful life.

Also, her recent occupation is probably more rewarding compared to the modeling hustle. And with all these summed up, Jessica Rogan’s Net Worth is estimated at around $1 million.

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Jessica Rogan Daughter


Besides their two daughters, Jessica has one daughter, Kayja Rose, in her early 20s born outside of the relationship with Joe.

Notably, Kayla enjoys the company of her entire family and is known to be very close to her stepfather. And Kayja Rose is a musical artist who has specialized in R&B/Soul.

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In Conclusion

In summary, Jessica Rogan is one of the passionate and hardworking personalities who has tasted every aspect of celebrity life. From her first experience as a cocktail waitress to becoming a TV producer then later a model; she definitely has learned and gained a lot in the process.

And as a mother of three, Jessica is determined to making it big in her recent profession. Although their family life, how they met and other details about their marriage isn’t known, they are definitely enjoying a lavish lifestyle free from controversies and Internet rumors.

Also, way back in 2004, Jessica talked about her weird position when her 25-year old friend became her step-mother. And she admitted that this was one of the most awkward times in her life since she was just four years younger than her then step-mother.

Even though very little is known about the recent Jessica Rogan, her past is definitely well-defined. And she has a stunning figure, symmetrical face, honey blonde hair, and crystal gray eyes.

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