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Lexie Elston – Bio, Age, Model, Instagram, Tennis, Miss Maine USA, etc.

Very few aspiring models are determined as Lexie Elston. In fact, this aspiring model is also a full-time student majoring in Environmental Science at The University of Southern Maine.

Lexie Elston
Source: @lexieelston

So in this piece, we’re going to present all the known facts about Lexie Elston, explore her career and prospects in the modeling industry.

Without delay, let’s dive in.

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Who Is Lexie Elston?

Who Is Lexie Elston

In the first place, who is Lexie and what is she all about? For one thing, she’s the current Miss Main USA 2019. Also, she is a full-time student at the university and an aspiring model.

Furthermore, she was discovered when she was only 16 years of age by Paul Marciano of Guess Jeans. Also, she has worked with top photographers and brands such as Ashley Lauren.

She’s passionate and in love with modeling and describes it as giving one the ability to transform into whatever they desire to be.

While she’s signed with Elite Management Worldwide, she has also continued to pursue her undergraduate degree on a full-time basis. Well done Lexie, well done!

Lexie loves the outdoors, wildlife and to travel to new countries and new experiences. In addition, she’s an avid reader, marathon runner, and culinary enthusiast.

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Lexie Elston Bio

Lexie Elston Bio

She was born in Maine, a state in the University States of America and she was raised there too.

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Lexie Elston Age

Lexie Elston Age

In fact, all available information indicates that Lexi was born in 1993.

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Lexie Elston Model

Lexie Elston Model

Notably, Miss Elston is an aspiring model and is backed by Elite Management Worldwide agency. She has been in the game for few years now and has high potential ahead.

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Lexie Elston Instagram

Lexie’s Instagram is active with over 20,000 followers who constantly can’t wait for her posts. Also, she has lots of contents such as pictures, videos, inspiration quotes as well as nature.

And be sure to follow her on the IG.

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Lexie Elston Tennis

Then back in 2017, Lexie was the tennis court at Wimbledon. And it a was a very hot day and Lexie apparently poured water all over her body to keep cool.

As a matter of fact, that was a thrilling sight that cannot be unseen.

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Lexie Elston Miss Maine USA

Lexie Elston Miss Maine USA

Furthermore, Lexie is the currently Miss Main USA 2019, a title she won after a long fight with other contestants. Congrats to you Lexie.

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Final Thoughts

Lexie is making the right moves at the moment. There’s no denying it that this young gorgeous is going places. As a matter of fact, her hard work, drive, and tenacity which can be observed by her modeling and going to school full time is praiseworthy. And for that, we salute her.

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