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Lynnie Marie – 7 Crucial Things To Know About This Top Instagram Model

What could be an awesome better name other than Lynnie Marie? Lynnie is an outdoorsy blonde, the typical bad girl adored by men.

Lynnie Marie

In her petite body, Marie is an attractive old soul that’s easy to get along with. So let’s get to learn a little more about Lynnie in this article write up. Read on!

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Who Is Lynnie Marie?

Who Is Lynnie Marie

But wait, who is she? Lynnie Marie is a fitness model who has secured her prestigious position working with a number of fitness brands.

Also, she has been published in a number of magazines such as the Hot Bike Magazine and others on the fitness niche. Likewise, Lynnie is also an aesthetician based in Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to the modeling career, she has been featured flaunting her sizzling body in several music videos. Notably, growing up, Lynnie was a tomboy who enjoyed the company of her brother.

Furthermore, she attended Lincoln High School and later Sierra College to pursue a communication major. Later, she obtained an aesthetician license and practiced modeling for fun.

And within a few years, her Instagram exploded with followers and she decided to take her modeling to a professional level.

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What’s Her Real Name?

What's Her Real Name

So what’s Lynnie Marie’s real name? Well, from all available information on public records she’s not the type to mask her name with a pseudo name. In fact, all indications show that her real name is indeed Lynnie Marie.

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Lynnie Marie Age & Birthday

Lynnie Marie Age & Birthday

So how old is Lynnie Marie? Well, she was born on the 14th of March 1986. She was born in Sacramento and raised in Alameda, both cities in the great State of California.

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Lynnie Marie Instagram

Lynnie Marie Instagram

As a matter of fact, this beautiful daughter of grace with an angelic little face has amassed 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Actually, Lynnie has two Insta accounts, the other being a backup page and a dedication to her loving fans.

Lynnie Marie’s Instagram is lively with diverse photography. From the provocative bikini shoots to those with trucks and motorbikes on the background; you’ll find them here.

Here’s her Instagram account below, be sure to follow.

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Lynnie Marie Wiki

Lynnie Marie Wiki

Lynnie Marie’s wiki pages are sourced mostly from her Instagram, Youtube channel, Twitter and various celebrity blogs.

Also, nearly every piece of information about this pretty lass is readily available on the Internet.

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Is She on Twitter?

Is She on Twitter

Yes, she is on Twitter. And Lynnie Marie’s Twitter account is visually and graphically impressive. If you’re tired of the boring conversations, switch to her twitter handle and you won’t be disappointed.

Also, she has 18 thousand followers who are happy and delighted to consume her content.

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What’s Her Height & Weight

What's Her Height & Weight

So how tall is Lynnie Marie? Well, Lynnie’s height is 5 feet 2 inches (5’ 2”). And this is an equivalent of 159 cm. On the other hand, Lynnie’s weight clocks in at 95 lbs (about 43 kg).

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Lynnie Marie Measurements

Lynnie Marie Measurements

Considering her perfect body and well-finessed shape, Lynnie Marie’s Measurements constitute a nice blend of sizes typical of a fitness model. She measures 32-23-33. Her Bra/cup size is 32F (70F).

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Final Thoughts

In summary, with her beautiful green eyes and well-endowed upper body, it’s easy to fall in love with this model. In fact, she’s definitely the adventurous girl who dares to get lost in the woods or dive with whales in the Hawaiian waters.

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