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Ninel Conde – 9 Amazing Things To Know (Age, Net Worth, Instagram, etc)

If you’re thinking about hot and very attractive Mexican singers, then Ninel Conde is definitely one of the people you have in mind.

Ninel Conde

Despite being older when compared to newer celebrities, she still impresses everyone with her beauty and resilience. And on top of that, she built upon her popularity in order to start a few businesses in the beauty industry and others as well.

Therefore, in this brief writeup, we’re going to get you a little more acquainted with Ninel.

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Who Is Ninel Conde?

So who is she? Ninel Conde is a Mexican TV host, actress, and singer. She is widely known for performances in Porque El Amor Manda, , Fuego En La Sangre and Rebelde, many of which have reached cult status in the Spanish communities.

Furthermore, she initially started her career in 2003 with a song named Callados in duet with Jose Manuel Figueroa, a song that was nominated the next year for the Latin Grammy. And that being said, since then she worked on numerous TV productions like the ones listed above and she also has her own show. In addition, she has 2 children.

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Ninel Conde Age

Ninel Conde Age

Next, a lot of people are wondering how old is Ninel Conde, and that’s for a very good reason. In fact, this woman looks amazing and you won’t really say that she was born in September 1970.

Yes, Ninel Conde might not look that old, but she is and that really goes to show how much care she took of her body and looks. Also, there’s not a lot of information about her having plastic surgery. So it’s very impressive to see a celebrity with mostly natural looks at this age.

Birth Date: September 1970

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Ninel Conde Instagram

Ninel Conde Instagram

Likewise, if you want to follow Ninel Conde’s antics and lifestyle, then you need to follow her on Instagram. As a matter of fact, she has over 2.7 million followers on the platform.

And the cool thing is that you get to see her trying out new dresses, swimwear and visiting luxurious locations all the time. So if you’re looking for Ninel Conde’s Instagram page, we’ve included it below for your convenience.

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She’s Hot & You Know It!

She's Hot & You Know It!

Now, is Ninel Conde hot? First of all, just check her Instagram pictures or any pictures of her online. And you’ll ome to realize there’s no denying that Ninel Conde is extremely hot.

Moreover, that’s hard to say about a woman at her age. And some would even state that she has a perfect body.

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Ninel Conde Bikini


Nevertheless, seeing her in bikini is a thing of beauty. This woman has the perfect bikini body and the cool thing here is that she actually seems to get younger with age.

Also, it’s exciting to see her lifestyle too, as she travels to numerous beaches all the time, so finding her in bikini is pretty common!

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Is She on Twitter?

Is She on Twitter?

Furthermore, Ninel has 1.67 million followers on Twitter via the @ninelconde handle. And you can also find her manager’s contact number for shows as well.

Also, she posts content very often on Twitter, but Instagram seems to be her platform of choice for photos.

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Ninel Conde Net Worth

Ninel Conde Net Worth

So how much is Ninel Conde’s net worth? While, there’s no official information about her net worth coming from her or her team, but online estimates are placing her net worth at around $8 million US dollars.

And this was acquired from her highly successful career in music and TV.

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Ninel Conde TV Shows

Ninel Conde TV Shows

Notably, Ninel Conde started her career in Bajo un mismo rostro, but then she was a part of Perla, La Revancha, Rebelde, Mar de Amor, and , among many others.

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Ninel Conde Giovanni Medina

Ninel Conde Giovanni Medina

According to sources, Ninel Conde has a child with Giovanni Medina, but in late 2018-2019 the couple went through some tough times. However, things are getting better now, because in January and February 2019 it was reported that the couple left their differences aside.

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Final Thoughts

Altogether, it’s safe to say that Ninel Conde remains one of the top Latin American superstars. In addition, her movies and shows are sublime and people are still listening to her music. And as you can see, she also looks younger than ever. So we are bound to see her on our screens for many years to come!

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