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Valenti Vitel – 7 Important Things To Know About This Instagram Model

Russian ladies are often ranked among the top beautiful women in the world and Valenti Vitel is no exception.

Furthermore, a typical Russian model would have all those breathtaking features from the stunning appearance, symmetrical body to the killer smile. And in the modeling world where many are called but few are chosen, Valenti Vitel (a.k.a Valentina Grishko) is a shining star.

Valenti Vitel

So let’s get to know a little bit more about this irresistible Russian blonde.

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Who Is Valenti Vitel?

Valenti Vitel is an Instagram model known for her perfect figure and striking poses. However, her modeling career kicked off in her home country before relocating to London, England.

Furthermore, she has since built a massive fanbase and various brands have worked with her to tap into the unique audience. Due to her perfect height of 5 feet 8 inches, she’s a versatile model who can fit anywhere within the modeling niches.

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Valenti Vitel Biography

Here’s a short bio on Valenti – she rose to fame through Instagram and has been modeling both online and offline. However, she’s more of an online influencer and brand ambassador for some of the top clothing brands.

In addition, Valenti Vitel’s biography isn’t one with tons of documented accomplishments or bizarre controversies. From all indications, she’s probably a well-raised lady stretching her mind through new experiences and going beyond the limits of her modeling career.

For one thing, available information shows she was born in Siberia, Russia thus making her a Russian national.

Here are some of her stats that may interest you:

Real Name: Valentina Grishko
Place of Birth: Siberia, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Model
Measurements: 32C-22-34
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Unknown
Net Worth: $250,000.00 USD Conservatively

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What’s Her Real Name?

Real Name

As a matter of fact, Valenti Vitel’s real name is Valentina Grishko or Валентина Гришко in Russian.

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Valenti Vitel Age & Birthday

Valenti Vitel Age & Birthday

Furthermore, she was born on December 21, 1992. And information available shows she was born Siberia, Russia but was raised in Krasnodarskiy Kray, Southern Russia.

So now you’ve got her birthday go ahead and figure her age!

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Valenti Vitel Instagram

Valenti Vitel Instagram

In fact, they say that Russian ladies are beautiful, not because of genetics, but due to natural selection. When you visit Valenti Vitel’s Instagram account, you’ll absolutely believe this.

And if there was a way to rank beauty exclusively on merits, then this lady could be the next miss universe.

Vitel’s Insta account poses a variety of insanely magnificent photos. And with more than 1.7 million followers at the time of this publication, Valenti takes pride as one of the Instagram stars who’ve made it in the modeling industry.

Also, she keenly exposes the fantastic natural assets that she is well aware of. And she also finds a way to highlight her perfect figure without going overboard.

So if there’s something to make your day, it got to be her Insta account. Here’s her Instagram page below, be sure to follow.

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Valenti Vitel Wikipedia


All the Valenti’s wiki pages are praising her gorgeousness. And many believe this awesome goddess tops the list of the most beautiful Slavic models of all time.

While an official Valenti Vitel’s Wikipedia page isn’t yet created, you’ll probably find enough information about her anywhere across the Internet.

Although she’s popular as Valenti Vitel her birth name is Valentina Grishko.

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Is She Hot?

Is She Hot

So if you would ask, is Valenti Vitel hot? Then you either don’t know her, or you’re not familiar with the phrase “hot”. In fact, Valenti is the type of girl who makes you appreciate God’s creation.

Moreover, she fits in every wear and makes any dress look gorgeous. Her gentle brown eyes, alluringly attractive face, well-finessed physique, and perfect cup size make her the ideal dream girl.

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Final Thoughts

Altogether, if beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then everyone got to decide what’s beautiful and what’s not. And for Valenti Vitel, we don’t get to choose, she has been chosen.

All we have left is to appreciate the epitome of grace, elegance, and beauty.

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