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Avery Wilson – Biography, Age, Songs, Instagram, Vines, Facebook, Height

This talented R&B song-writer has entertained people since 2012 when he was first spotted on the season 3 of The Voice. Avery Wilson counts with singles like “Ringtone” – His first demo which his father sent to radio station WYBC-FM in New Haven – and “If I have to” which was performed at the 2015 BET Awards.

Avery Wilson

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Avery Wilson Biography

Avery Wilson Biography

Let’s take a quick look at Avery Wilson’s biography. First, he is the youngest of three brothers. And the singer grew up in Hamden, Connecticut with his parents Theresa and Gramen Wilson.

Also, he was a trained professional dancer, but his singing career started when his father discovered his talent on the day Avery was sitting on the back seat of the family´s car humming a song on the radio.

Since that moment, Avery’s father started to send him to local performing talent shows and competitions and teach him how to play the keyboard and the guitar. Young Avery would feel different from the rest and full of creativity which was expressed by music since no one could understand his thoughts.

His greatest opportunity would come in season 3 of The Voice where the whole country could listen to him in 2012 with only 16 years old under the guidance of Ceelo Green. However, Avery was eliminated during the knockouts phase but this did not stop him from fame having the chance to sign a contract with RCA Records.

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Avery Wilson Age

Avery Wilson Age

What’s Avery Wilson’s age? Well, for one he was born on July 18, 1995. One thing is for sure, this promising young man has a lot of years to make an impact on the music scene.

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Avery Wilson Songs

Avery Wilson Songs

This songwriter counts with a large list of songs that are really famous among his fans. If you are interested to have a playlist of his, we can give you a few recommendations assuring you the best experience for your ears.

Here are some of his popular hit songs that will be great options for your playlist:

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If I have To

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Change My Mind

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Dollar Bill

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Song For You

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Touch Down

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Love The Pain Away

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Use 2

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Avery Wilson Instagram

Avery Wilson Instagram

As a celebrity, Wilson is in constant interaction with his fans. Avery Wilson official Instagram is @averywilson where he counts with 575 thousand followers – and counting -. There, Wilson shares photos, videos with his fans and, of course, his projects so you can be updated with his latest news.

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Avery Wilson Vines

Avery Wilson Vines

Not only Instagram but also Vine is the social network the singer uses to keep in touch with his followers. Avery Wilson Vine counts with an approximate of 1 million followers as he uses as his main social network.

Avery Wilson Facebook

Avery Wilson Facebook

You may also follow his activities on Facebook where you can feel free to leave him a message and watch his performances.

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Avery Wilson Height

Avery Wilson Height

Avery Wilson stands tall at a height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches.

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Avery has huge prospects ahead of him in the nearest future. With millions of social proof, it’s with no doubt that his music resonates with a teeming population and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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