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Jennie Pegouskie – Bio, Age, Heritage, Race, Net Worth, Race, Family, etc

Have you noticed that “love interest” of Ed Sheeran in his famous song, “Shape of You?” Well, she is Jennie Pegouskie, a professional dancer and model with the Instagram handle @missjpeg.

Moreover, her hard work met opportunity when she ended up taking the role although she was supposed to be an assistant production supervisor. Then that’s it, she has a headstart!

Jennie Pegouskie

So in this short piece, let’s get you acquainted with Jennie Pegouskie.

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Who Is Jennie Pegouskie?

In the first place, Jennie Pegouskie is a dancer and stage performer. As such, she became a crew member of the rap group, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. And as a result, she was able to tour the United States and the whole world which increased her fame as a dancer.

Now, being a dancer and stage performer, she had appearances on Ellen DeGeneres Show and Downtown of Macklemore’s song. Then she became Sheeran’s “love interest” and the rest is history.

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Jennie Pegouskie Age

Jennie Pegouskie Age

So how told is Jennie Pegouskie? As a matter of fact, she’s a Leo as she was born on the 14th of August 1988 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Furthermore, being one, she is creative and passionate about dancing. And her passion brought her to where she is now. Yes, Jennie is still young and she is all set to leave the world in awe of what she can do.

Birth Date: August 14th, 1988

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Jennie Pegouskie Nationality


Also, many people often wonder what’s Jennie Pegouskie’s nationality? Being born and raised in Seattle, Washington, United States of America, Jennie Pegouskie’s nationality is American.

Nationality: American

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Jennie Pegouskie Heritage


But what about Jennie Pegouskie’s heritage? For one thing, available information show she’s both Asian and African America. As the product of an Asian mother and African American father, she inherited mixed traits from both sides.

Heritage: Asian/Black

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Jennie Pegouskie Ethnicity


Furthermore, Jennie Pegouskie’s ethnicity is Blasian, a mixture of African and Asian ancestry. In fact, her mother has a part-Thai as her origins are from Thailand while her father is an African-American.

Ethnicity: Blasian

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Jennie Pegouskie Family

Jennie Pegouskie Family

Likewise, Jennie Pegouskie’s family is composed of her parents and 2 siblings. Jennie has a brother named Gattie and a sister named Ann.

But she is also rumored to be married to a dancer and director named Kamel Bentot. Although confirmation has yet to be made, she is seen with Kamel Bentot in her Instagram posts.

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Jennie Pegouskie Background

Jennie Pegouskie Background

Notably, growing up as a military brat, Jennie Pegouskie often moved with her family as they changed their place of residence when she was young.

So she became involved with dancing and stage performance since high school and didn’t give up following her dreams since then.

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Jennie Pegouskie Race


Equally important, Jennie Pegouskie’s race is a mixture of Africa American and Asian. One look at her and no other explanation is needed to convince you that she belongs to this race.

Race: Black/Asian

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Jennie Pegouskie Parents

Jennie Pegouskie Parents

Of course, Jennie Pegouskie’s parents worked in the military. For this reason, they have been traveling a lot when she was a child.

However, her mother and father’s identity are kept from the public until now.

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Boyfriend, Dating or Married?

Boyfriend, Dating or Married

After her appearance on Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Shape of You”, social media was abuzz with questions of the identity of Jennie Pegouskie’s boyfriend.

As a matter of fact, many wondered out loud if she’s currently dating anyone or if she’s married. And as you can imagine, there was a lot of rumors floating around as to the who the lucky dude is. Especially when she’s always seen with a gentleman by the name Kamel Bentot in her Instagram profile pictures.

However, till date, it’s not yet clear who Jennie Pegouskie is dating or if she’s married or have a boyfriend. But as soon as any information becomes available, we’d be glad to update you.

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

So what’s Jennie Pegouskie’s net worth? Despite her passion for the performing acts and dancing, Jennie’s career kicked off with humble beginnings working marketing jobs for over a five-year period.

Nevertheless, she kept pushing it and never gave up until her big break with Ed Sheeran’s awesome hit, “Shape of You”. In addition to this, she scored a major partnership with Addidas back in 2018 for their Made to Play marketing campaign.

Together with her marketing manager role at Avenue Properties Jennie’s net worth is estimated at $1 million by pundits.

Net Worth: $1,000,000.00

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Jennie Pegouskie Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Also, judging from the video of the hit song “Shape of You,” Jennie Pegouskie’s martial arts is good. And from her calculated moves and body position, she seems to be skilled in the area of martial arts.

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What’s Her Instagram?

What's Her Instagram

Since her appearance in the “Shape of You,” Jennie amassed thousands of followers on her Instagram account. Truly, people got curious of who she was and started following her the moment they saw her account.

And on her account, all you can see are photos of herself, the people she loves and the activities she loves to do. So if you have not found her yet, we’ve included her Instragram right below for your convenience to follow her.

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Is She on Facebook?

Is She on Facebook?

Furthermore, Jennie Pegouskie’s Facebook page is followed by over 9 thousand followers. And details of her life are found there as well as her daily activities and promotions.

So if you want to discover more about her and be inspired by the kind of life she lives, tap your search engine, type “Jennie Pegouskie” and tap the “Like” button.

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What’s Her Wiki?

What's Her Wiki?

By the same token, you can visit Jennie Pegouskie’s wiki and be inspired. Notably, it features her humble beginnings and hard work before she was catapulted to stardom.

Also, details of how destiny orchestrated her major breakthrough are described in detail. Likewise, her profile was also described, and all you can see is a hardworking dreamer who never allowed her dreams to be set aside by “life.”

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

In summary, destiny does not happen without hard work. And this is what the life of Jennie Pegouskie taught us.

If she was not the assistant production supervisor of Ed Sheeran’s video, she could not have had the role that landed her to where she is now. Doing the right thing with the right people at the right time can bring you to where you should be. Fact: hard work pays.

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