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Lira Mercer – Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Baby, Instagram, Wiki, Hot, etc.

You probably know her or maybe you have heard about her- not once, not twice. Lira Mercer is the sassy celebrity slaying our timeline with passion.

Furthermore, she’s an Instagram star and a former hip-hop model & dancer. Also, Lira Mercer is currently a glamour model, brand ambassador, and social media influencer.

Lira Mercer

And according to her Instagram bio, she is a mom and a self-proclaimed CEO. So let’s get to know more about this celebrity model who is used to the Internet controversies.

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Who Is Lira Mercer?

Truly, Lira Mercer rose to fame through Instagram. But she started as an exotic dancer before rising through the celebrity ranks to become a popular hip-hop model.

Also, her job description as an exotic dancer and hip-hop dancer gave her the necessary exposure to create a connection with renowned artists such as Meek Mill.

As such, Lira made her savings with the exotic dancing job and soon she earned her retirement. And by 2014, she had upgraded to a glamour model posing for the Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine.

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Lira Mercer Age

Lira Mercer Age

How old is Lira Mercer? If you’re a social media fanatic, you’ve probably come across some bodacious captions featuring this model. It’s therefore normal to be curious about Lira mercer’s Age and wonder how old she is.

Lira was born on August 31, 1993, and has been making headlines as a household name since 2014.

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Lira Mercer Bio

Lira Mercer Bio

Lira Mercer’s bio may not be as decorated as you would expect. In the first place, she was born to a young family that wasn’t ready for parenting, her father left without a goodbye.

Therefore, she was raised by a single mother and started making her own money at a tender age working as an exotic dancer. Due to the rough childhood upbringing, Lira suffered an early miscarriage during her teenage years.

And her fame has also been mostly about the heated controversies surrounding her relationship life.

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Lira Mercer Instagram

Lira Mercer Instagram

Lira Mercer’s Instagram account has a whopping 4.1 million followers at the time of this publication.

And a gentle swipe down her page and you’ll see attractive curves all around the place. So this could be the other reason she’s got the massive fanbase.

So here’s her Instagram profile page – be sure to follow:

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Lira Mercer Snapchat


Lira Mercer’s Snapchat account is probably for the chosen few. And it’s one of her social media platforms that’s hidden from the public eye.

So if you’re in search for her Snap username, good luck!

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Lira Mercer and Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Everyone who had access to the Internet knows how the 2015 hyped engagement between the two ended. As a matter of fact, it was an envied relationship that seemed perfect at first; but things took a different course.

After the popular rapper proposed to Lira with an 11-carat, $350,000 worth ring, she became an online sensation. Due to some unclear domestic issues, the two called off their engagement and they made it known to the public.

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What’s Her Wiki?

Being one of the bold and opinionated figures in the show business, Lira Mercer’s wiki pages are all over the internet.

From the scandalous moments to the cheerful celebrations; you’ll find all the relevant details about this curvy model.

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Lira Mercer Husband

Lira Mercer Husband

Who’s Lira’s husband? Certainly, Lira Mercer has been in and out of relationships with popular persons. And those who made it to the limelight are Meek Mill, Pat Beverly, Earl Thomas, Quavo, Will Barton, Rick Ross and most recently Pierre Pee Thomas.

So considering her story and the harsh upbringing, it’s only fair to be non-judgmental. Lira is currently expecting a baby with Pierre Thomas. And the latter is also expecting a baby with another social media star, Kaylar Will.

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Lira Mercer Height

Height - How Tall Is She

How tall is Lira? Lira stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (5’5”).

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Lira Mercer Baby

Lira Mercer Baby

On Christmas day 2018, Lira Mercer decided to share the news that she was pregnant and expecting a baby with Quality Control CEO, Thomas Pierre. As of this writing, Lira Mercer’s baby isn’t yet born.

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Is She Hot Right Now?


This is the only thing probably non-controversial about Lira. She is hot, cute and very attractive – if that makes any sense. And Her opulent hips sitting carefully below the wasp waist gives her the highly-deserved attention.

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In Conclusion

Besides dating everyday celebrities and arousing Internet controversies, Lira Mercer is a successful glamour model who has partnered with a number of hip-hop publications.

Also, she has also appeared in various hip hop tracks and has made a living doing what she loves. Likewise, Lira has a number of online shops where she sells beauty products, lifestyle & fitness accessories.

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