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Misa Campo – Bio, Instagram, Hot, Age, Wiki, Tumblr, Net Worth, Pics, etc

In case you don’t know or were not told, Misa Campo is one of the hottest upcoming actress, model, and social media influencer.

She’s Canadian by birth and in addition to modeling and influencing hundreds of thousands on the social media she’s also an actress.

Misa Campo

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Misa Campo Bio

Misa Campo Bio

Misa is of mixed ethnicity and a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. Her father is of Filipino ancestry while her mother is Dutch. Now you can imagine the powerful combination this genetic mix will produce – one of the most gorgeous women alive!

Although born in Canada, she was actually raised in California. She and her family moved to Newport Beach, California when she was only 2 years old.

However, they did later move back to Montreal, Canada when she was about 10 years old along with her sisters Marie and Jen.

While she was working as a bartender in Montreal, her boss encouraged her to consider modeling as a career option. As a result, she took modeling functions at the annual car racing show in Montreal called Sports Compact Performance.

Furthermore, she perfected her craft and later became Miss Rocawear Canada; and this brought her much needed exposure to advance in the industry.

Also, popular magazine publications such as Maxim and DragSport have featured her and she was voted as top FHM 100 Women.

Likewise, her actress career began a gradual takeoff with a leading role in an Indonesian blockbuster horror flix called Pacar Hantu Perawan.

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Misa Campo Instagram

Misa Campo Instagram

Misa Campo is one of the top social media models trending on the Instagram platform. And if you’re not yet following her, be sure to follow as we’ve provided her Instagram page below for your convenience.

Her Instagram content is fully entertaining and engaging. Also, you can expect to get daily curation of her pictures, videos, motivational quotes, adventures and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join the hundreds of thousands enjoying every bit of her content publications.

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Misa Campo Hot

Misa Campo Hot

Is Misa Campo hot? You bet she is. And with over 290,000 followers on Instagram attesting to this, her hotness is on a level of its own.

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Misa Campo Age

Misa Campo Age

She was born on the 22nd day of January in the glorious year of 1998. So she’s an Aquarius on the Zodiac sign of things – information useful to only those into Zodiac signs and stuff.

Now you know her birthday – be nice and remember to wish her a happy birthday on every 22nd of January.

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Misa Campo Wiki

Misa Campo Wiki

Born in 1998 on the 28th day of the month of January Misa Campo is currently making waves. Her birthplace was in Montreal in the Province of Quebec of the country of Canada. However, she’s also a United States of America citizen.

Equally, she’s of mix heritage with her father being of Filipino descent and her mother’s origin deeply rooted with the Dutch of Netherlands.

And she’s an upcoming star to watch out with interests in acting, singing, modeling and social influencing. Kudos Misa! Keep moving forward!

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Misa Campo Tumblr

Misa Campo Tumblr

While we’re not certain there’s an official Misa Campo Tumblr page; however, there are several Tumblr pages about her promoted by her teeming fans around the world.

So head on to Tumblr and search for her name to immerse yourself with her contents and glory.

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Misa Campo Net Worth

Misa Campo Net Worth

Misa’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million US Dollars. As a matter of fact, she’s very busy with her acting, modeling and influencer engagements.

As a result, Misa is constantly laughing to the bank. You go Misa!

Misa Campo Real Name

Misa Campo Real Name

Misa’s fan across the globe often ask what’s her real name. Certainly, she has a name and it’s Michika Devieux.

However, you’ll rarely hear her called by that as she’s known across the social media spectrum as Misa Campo.

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Misa Campo Height

Misa Campo Height

This gorgeous model stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches without the heals. And with heels on you can refer to her as an elegant stallion.

But rest assured you won’t find her walking through the streets without those heels.

Misa Campo Pics

Looking for some Misa Campo’s pics – well you’re lucky as we’ve curated some for you in this post.

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Misa Campo Measurements

Misa Campo Measurements

Misa Campo’s measurements stand at 34C-24-34 inches with a slim body frame to match. She’s light skinned with brown hair and striking brown eyes.

Misa Campo Facebook

Misa Campo Facebook

Misa is not just dominating Instagram. On the contrary, she’s super dominating Facebook with over 1.6 million followers!

Her Facebook page is awash with engaging content for her over 1.6 million super fans. And there you can find all her videos, pictures, gifs and much more.

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Misa Campo Boyfriend

The good news is that Misa doesn’t have a boyfriend at the time of this publication. So if you’re in luck you may win her heart.

However, rumor has it that way back in 2012 she had a relationship with a gentleman by the Max Linder. So bad Max ended up moving on and Misa is back to singlehood.

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Final Thoughts

We love learning about personalities such as Misa Campo. Her drive, passion, tenacity, and dedication to her craft is encouraging and should serve as a model for millions of teeming youths around the world.

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