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Nick Bateman – The Gentleman, Actor, Martial Artist & IG Sensation

He is an actor, a model and you guessed right an Instagram juggernaut. And his name is Nicholas Kevin Stanley Yunge-Bateman, professional and better known as Nick Bateman.

Nick Bateman
Source: @nick__bateman

In fact, this former martial arts trainee and winner of 4 major world titles in 15-17 age division of the National Blackbelt League is nothing short of a success story.

Now, let’s dive in.

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Who Is Nick Bateman?

Who Is Nick Bateman?
Source: @nick_bateman

Nick Bateman is a Canadian actor and model known for his dashing looks and irresistible charm.

Also, he was the face of countless commercials and brands which made him a popular face in and around Canada.

Furthermore, Nick was born in Burlington, Ontario, back in 1986 . He was a very active kid and by the age of 4 got involved in karate.

And, in the following years, Nick won several championships and excelled in this form of martial arts.

At the age of 20, he graduated from the University of Capilano, Vancouver following which he founded and operated a karate school for 3 long years.

Later on, Nick got interested in the fashion industry and took up modeling which was the turning point in his life.

Nick Bateman’s biography tells us about his positive outlook towards life and how his lifestyle inspires millions of people across the globe.

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Nick Bateman Instagram

Nick Bateman Instagram

He is a social media influencer with a huge fan base on various social networking sites especially Instagram.

As a matter of fact, Nick Bateman Instagram followers currently stand at 6.6 million.

Additionally, his perfect stubble and exceptional body are hard to ignore; and there are thousands of fans who die to meet him in person.

Apart from the looks, Nick’s personality and sense of humor add the finishing touch to his positive aura.

His Instagram posts receive thousands of likes within minutes making him one of the few men with such a fast-growing fan base.

Likewise, he is a hardworking man and maintains a very disciplined life. As a martial arts expert and gym trainer he frequently shares authentic information regarding diet and supplements.

Consequently, he is the perfect package with impeccable aesthetics and sound business knowledge.

Below is Nick’s Instagram – be sure to follow.

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Nick Bateman Age

Nick Bateman Age
Source: @nick_bateman

When it comes to Nick Bateman’s age as we already mentioned, he was born in 1986 which is difficult to notice due to his toned body and a radiant glow on his skin.

The first impression someone gets of him is that of a recent college graduate. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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Nick Bateman Gif

Nick Bateman Gif

Looking for the perfect Nick Bateman gif? Well, you’re in luck as we’ve found several for you:

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Nick Bateman Movies

Nick Bateman Movies
Source: @nick_bateman

In 2011 he entered the movie industry with the blockbuster “Hobo With A Shotgun” alongside actors Ruger Hauer and Gregory Smith.

Also, in 2015, Nick Bateman’s movie “Tapped Out“, became one of the best action-filled movies in 2014.

Recently, he played a leading role in the romantic comedy drama “How-To-Be-Single“. Apart from movies, he has made appearances in tons of television soaps such as Originals, Space Janitor, Just for Laughs, etc.

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Nick Bateman Height

Nick Bateman Height

Standing tall at 6 foot 2 inches, Nick Bateman’s height is rightly making the ladies go weak on their knees.

His amazing height and sculpted physique make him the perfect specimen of a male model.

Additionally with respect to karate, his height makes a significant difference giving him better reach and movement.

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Is Nick Bateman Gay?

Is Nick Bateman Gay

There has been several speculations and questions asked on social media and online forums if Nick Bateman is gay.

However, there’s no hard evidence to show that Nick is gay. In fact, Nick on his part has not confirmed or refute these speculations.

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Nick Bateman Girlfriend

Nick Bateman Girlfriend

Although he is often transparent about his life through on social media. But the details of his relationships with people were vague until 2008 when he made it official that he was in a relationship with Maria Corrigan.

Nick Bateman’s girlfriend, Maria is a popular actor and model from the United Kingdom; and came across Nick on Instagram as both have similar careers and huge fan following on the social networking platform.

Likewise, Maria has played been a part in several movies out of which Over and Out and “Upon a Crocus Cloth” are the most popular ones.

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Nick Bateman Modeling

Nick Bateman Modeling

Nick’s perfect looking face and chiseled body makes him the ideal model and attracts tons of major global brands.

As a matter of fact, he has been featured in magazine covers and worked with international brands like Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, Jockey and many others.

Currently, he is also a social media sensation with a huge fan following. Also, Nick Bateman’s modeling years were mostly spent in New York, Miami, and Milan.

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Nick Bateman Hairstyle

Nick Bateman Hairstyle

Nick carries a conservative look that perfectly suits him. With intricately shaped stubble and hair spikes, he looks no less than a Greek God.

He has maintained different hairstyles over the past few years.

Nick Bateman’s hairstyle has no fades and no use of modern techniques; which shows that his hair stylist is an expert with scissors and prefers them over clippers.

Therefore, anyone who aspires to get a hairstyle similar to that of Nick should look for a hair stylist with a traditional touch.

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In Conclusion

Certainly, Nick’s fast-growing status on Instagram and Facebook is projected to make him a global icon in the years to come.  So what do you think of Nick Bateman?  Tell us in the comments box below.

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