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Taylor Hing – 10 Key Things You Must Know About This Instagram Model

If you ask us who stands out among these Internet models nowadays? We will definitely say it’s Taylor Hing, a.k.a Chinese Kitty, a.k.a the Chinese-Kitty, a.k.a @_chinesekitty.

But why? You ask. This model is storming Instagram with her gorgeous photos every day and is gaining the most likes. Besides, who has seen a star who has amassed more than 2.7 million followers worldwide in such a short span of time?

Taylor Hing

Only Taylor Hing can do that. So let’s get you more acquainted with her in this article.

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Who Is Taylor Hing?

Taylor Hing is a rapper and a well-known Instagram model who possesses one of the most envied curvaceous figures in the century. She easily captures the attention of people with just one glance.

And this was the reason why she has appeared on the cover of Smooth Magazine in 2015 and was featured in Shots Weekly in its week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

Moreover, she makes music as an artist and a rapper, and she had her breakthrough with her single “On Me” which had hundreds of thousands of views since it was launched.

Also, she was highlighted in Youthful Dolph’s “Forever.” You may have spotted her on “Wild’n Out” and the series “Love & Hip-Hop”. And not to mention that she is a video vixen you can see music videos by TI, Fabulous and Ludacris to see what we mean.

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Taylor Hing Age & Birthday

Taylor Hing Age & Birthday

Truly a Capricorn, she first saw the light on the 18th of January 1995 as her birthday. And the neighboring households in Queens, New York are the lucky ones who heard her first cry.

Now you know Taylor Hing’s age, she young and she is conquering the world!

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Taylor Hing Instagram

Taylor Hing Instagram

Taylor Hing is one among the most liked, if not the most liked, Instagram Stars of at the moment. In fact, she posts the most gorgeous and the most attractive modeling pictures you have ever seen on the web.

And no wonder she garners thousands of likes from her followers daily. Also, she uses Instagram as her platform to conquer the world. With her tagline “As If The Female is Unstoppable,” she lured over 2.7 million followers.

If you haven’t joined the kitty gang yet, click “Follow” in Taylor Hing’s Instagram below.

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Taylor Hing Parents


Taylor Hing is the daughter of the actress “Chinese Nicky” whose real name is Nikhol Hing. And she was born in Guyana but moved to New York when she was a child.

Although Chinese Nicky earned a position in The Source Magazine, she was spotted together with Taylor in “Love & Hip-Hop Miami”; and was known to be the greatest supporter of her daughter. Of course, the mother and daughter have a lot of similarities in features.

And as for Taylor Hing’s father, his identity remains to be unknown. To date, his identity remained a secret to the public.

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Taylor Hing Race

Taylor Hing Race

Taylor Hing’s race is Chinese and Guyanese. And her beautiful, outstanding features and amazing, head-turning curvaceous figure are a result of the mixture of Chinese and Guyanese race.

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Taylor Hing Nationality

Taylor Hing Nationality

Taylor Hing’s nationality is American. In fact, having spent almost all her life in the United States of America; being born and raised in Queens, New York and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, she is, by all means, an American citizen.

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Taylor Hing Wiki


Taylor Hing’s Wiki features interesting facts about her. What can’t be found on other articles about this gorgeous and stunning Instagram model is found there.

And she even openly admitted and revealed her secrets in maintaining a perfect, desirable body figure in her wiki page. So what are you waiting for? Discover more about this interesting model.

Not to mention, Taylor Hing also maintains a wikiFeet account. She was rated to have beautiful feet with 5 stars. Also, her account features her best angles, too.

Full of pictures featuring her goddess-like body, you are sure to enjoy viewing her account. So better hurry and have a view of your favorite star.

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Taylor Hing Net Worth

Taylor Hing Net Worth

Do you wonder how much is Taylor Hing’s net worth? According to, Taylor Hing’s net worth is $600,000 as of 2018.

And judging from her increasing popularity and fast-paced advancing career growth, her net worth must have increased a lot in 2019.

Not only is she an Instagram model and a good actress, but she is also slowly conquering the world of YouTube with her gorgeous videos and popular songs.

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What is Her Height & Weight

Height & Weight

So how tall is Taylor Hing? Taylor’s height stands at 5 ft 7 inches. And it’s not clear what her actual weight is.

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What Are Her Measurements


With vital statistics of 32-25-43 matched with her height of 5 feet 7 inches, Taylor’s measurements are designed for success!

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In Conclusion

As a matter of fact, Taylor Hing has become an Instagram icon and an actress. At such a young age, she has already set her foot to conquer the world not only with her perfect body but also with her sexy voice.

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