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Neiva Mara – 16 Key Things You Must Know About This Hot Fitness Model

They say that the beautiful ones are not yet born, well – maybe there’s a bit of an exception when it comes to Neiva Mara a.k.a neivamara.

Beauty is the definition of this fitness model who has lived to spice up our social media platforms. If you don’t know this Spaniard sweetheart, you’re probably missing out big.

Neiva Mara

Below is some detailed information about Neiva Mara.

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Who Is Neiva Mara?

Neiva Mara is a Spanish fitness model, online fitness instructor, and social media influencer. As a matter of fact, she rose to fame through the social media platforms after uploading several gorgeous pictures of her transformed body.

Also, she has participated in the Arnold Classic Europe fitness competitions in the bikini category and was the first runner up in 2017.

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Neiva Mara Bio

Neiva Mara Bio

Furthermore, Neiva started her fitness journey back in 2015. When she wasn’t happy with her physique and decided to work on her fitness – body weight and shape.

After two years of hitting the gym and sticking with dietary plans; there was a paradigm shift in her life. And she became every guy’s dream girl and was generous enough to share pictures and videos of her gorgeous body.

Therefore, Neiva Mara’s bio is more of a fitness expedition. And her life surrounds the health, strength and body shape training.

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Neiva Mara Age & Birthday

Age & Birthday

So how old is Neiva Mara? Born and raised in Valencia, Spain; Neiva’s birthdate is May 2, 1986, and her birth sign is Taurus.

Therefore, if you were in for Neiva Mara age or birth details, there you’ve it.

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Neiva Mara Instagram


As one of the celebrated fitness models, Neiva Mara’s Instagram account is a haven of juicy pictures and videos showcasing the gorgeous and well-suspended backside.

In fact, men and women of all ages frequent her page to admire and source inspiration from the sizzling assets this model is endowed with.

And the more than 2.2 million followers are always ready to double tap her sensual photos. So below is her Instagram profile, click to follow.

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Is She on Reddit?

Is She on Reddit

If you’re in for some of the slinky captions and adult photos taken at lethal angles, Neiva Mara’s reddit account has got you covered.

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What’s Her Snapchat

What's Her Snapchat

Neiva Mara’s Snapchat has a subscription feature where fans can choose to go with the basic or premium plans.

And in the recent past, her private Snapchat account evoked controversies among the premium fans who had trust issues with the model.

Premium membership comes with adult-related content as a form of entertainment.

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Neiva Mara Twitter

neiva mara twitter

Neiva Mara’s Twitter account may not have as many followers as her Instagram account, but the few tweets enjoy the diverse content this model has to offer.

Also, she engages her fans and occasionally posts those intriguing videos.

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Neiva Mara Height & Weight

Height & Weight

How tall is Neiva Mara? Well, from all available indication Neiva’s height stands tall at 5’4″ (162.5cm).

And how much is Neiva Mara’s weight you may ask? While there’s not available information on her exact weight, estimates put her weight at 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg).

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What’s Her Measurements?


When it comes to Neiva Mara’s measurements, available data shows:

Burst: 34″
Waist: 24″
Thighs: 34″

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What’s Her Nationality?

What's Her Nationality

Furthermore, her fans often ask what her nationality is. As a matter of fact, Neiva Mara’s nationality is Spanish.

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Neiva Mara Teacher

Neiva Mara Teacher

Neiva Mara isn’t a regular or a substitute classroom teacher. In fact, she is a fitness instructor who has mastered the art of engaging and entertaining her students.

When she started posting those gorgeous suggestive videos and photos on Insta, people thought she was a real academician and her controversial traits mapped her on the celebrity scale.

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Neiva Mara Hot

Neiva Mara Hot

Is Neiva Mara hot? For one thing, has all the aesthetic appeals; from the curvaceous body to the symmetrical face. And she’s an attractive lass who is well practiced in the art of seduction.

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Neiva Mara TV

Neiva Mara TV

By all means, Neiva Mara’s TV is an online channel where this model shares her short video clips with the fans. Also, her online TV is aired through Twitter, YouTube, and Insta accounts.

And in these channels, deliberate expose and flirtatious content are broadcast with charm and charisma.

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Neiva Mara Fitness

Neiva Mara Fitness

Neiva is more into fitness and has a large fanbase where she showcases her workout tips and motivation. Also, Neiva has an online fitness platform called Deporlovers that’s present on all the social media platforms.

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What’s Her Facebook?

What's Her Facebook?

Neiva Mara’s Facebook page has more than 100 thousand followers. However, she’s not very active on the platform.

Neiva Mara YouTube

Neiva Mara YouTube

While YouTube may not be her main online platform, she still connects with her fans through the Neiva Mara TV channel. And she has also published a number of hot videos posing as a teacher and people are liking her attractive vibe.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, through her creative ideations, Neiva Mara has managed to remain a competitive fitness model in the highly-sophisticated market. Her workout videos have reached out to tons of people across the globe, and various brands have also partnered with her for product promotion and exposure.

Nevertheless, Neiva isn’t only a public figure flaunting her voluptuous body across the internet, she’s a passionate fitness coach who has helped many attain their fitness goals.

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